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April 03, 2020
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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
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A tried and tested PDF Recovery Tool efficiently does the scanning process and recovers the corrupted data from PDF files. The accuracy of recovering damaged data from multiple PDF files makes this a reliable tool. Moreover, the inbuilt available features make this tool stand out from the rest of the available solutions in the market.

PDF Recovery Tool – System Compatibility

A smart PDF Recovery Software is available for Windows OS 11, 10 & below versions. The application is quite easy to download and install and uses minimal system resources for smooth functioning of the system.

PDF File Handling and Repairing Capacity

One of the most popular utilities comes with extraordinary features and is powerful in terms of the performance it shows. You can repair single or multiple PDF files as per your requirements. Moreover, it can fix PDF files in batch mode, which allows the user to repair multiple PDF files easily. Recovering critical data from large PDF files is one of its strengths and there is no sense of lag or glitch that it gets while performing the recovery process on large files.

Apart from the performance factor, the PDF recovery tool also maintains the folder structure and keeps the data intact when recovered. It safely repairs PDF documents and recovers data from PDF files. Moreover, it retains the original formatting of the file.

Distinct Features of the Software

The tool is made in a way that it fixes or recovers with accuracy nearing 100%. It has a PDF file Scanning feature that comprehensively scrutinizes each PDF file added to the software. It Works in two different ways. For minor corruption – use Normal mode, and for severe corruption – use Advanced Scanning mode to read corrupted documents.

The tool is capable of recovering and extracting PDF texts, and image data quickly. The User interface of the tool is designed in a way that a person with zero technical knowledge can operate this simply.

With the help of the SysTools PDF Recovery Tool, you can repair and save all or selected PDF files. It offers to either save in existing or newly created PDF files. It successfully recovers and saves the healthy PDF file in a new location. Supports all the versions of PDF formats and provides recovery reports of failed and successful.

PDF Recovery Tool Specifications

While downloading the PDF Recovery Tool, the system should have a minimum storage space of 200 MB. The current version is 10.0.1 and the downloading size of 1.48 MB. Requires 4 GB RAM with Intel Core i3-3210 CPU @ 3.24 GHZ Windows 11 (64 Bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 Bit or 64 Bit) for Windows users.

It also provides a proper guided instruction manual for easy installation and uses this tool.

Safety Factors – What are the Safety Measures?

Questions related to safety always exist, to that, we say that the PDF Recovery Tool is the safest in terms of security and data integrity issues. The tool is secured as the entire tool is encrypted with the MDF hash function, which produces a 128-Bit bash value. Makes it secure in all aspects.

Software Purchase and Download Details

The most secure, trustworthy, and feature-rich PDF Recovery Tool is available with a trial and full version. In the Demo version (Free to use), users can recover their files and preview their healthy PDF files. Basic features are provided in this version. After being satisfied with the trial version, users can jump to the full or licensed version which opens more features. Avail different license types (Personal, Business, Enterprise) the prices for these licenses are $29, $129, and $299 respectively.

SysTools PDF Recovery Tool Latest Version Update

Updated to version on April 03, 2020.