Outlook Attachment Extractor Free Download for Windows PC

One-Stop Solution to Extract Attachments from Outlook PST, OST, OLM, MSG, and OLK Files

SysTools offers users this utility to download all types of attachments from the Outlook application to their system in the desired format. If we talk about the basic working of the software, we can say that the user interface is really impressive.

Moreover, it’s quite easy for new users to understand the technicalities & procedures without any expert assistance. As far as we talk about the results, this utility shows no errors in giving the expected results. You can easily get exactly what you could expect from such a tool. The surprising element is the pricing. As per the pricing of this utility, the results are definitely on another level.

In addition, the utility consists of various features that we are going to discuss in the next section. If you need to get the Outlook attachments in your system, then this utility will not let you down.

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Outlook Attachment Extractor Download for PC

Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool Extract Multiple Files in Bulk

Users can have Outlook attachments in a number of categories. This smart utility is capable of extracting attachments from all of these files. Check out what this tool is capable of.

Users can extract attachments from OST and PST files. Your attachments can be in any category like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Journals. Wherever it is, the tool can extract the files no matter what.

If you have an Outlook data file from Mac Outlook in OLM and OLK file format and want to extract attachments from those files, then you don’t need any other software for the same. This single solution will also download attachments from data files created on Mac Outlook.

Last but not least, if you have a large number of message (.msg) files, then this utility can easily extract the data from that too. Not only this, but it also offers another feature to select the search grid rows through SHIFT+Mouse Click and SHIFT+ UP/DOWN key.

Custom Options of 2022 Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool

We have various user queries where users want to keep the downloaded files in the original folder hierarchy. However, when other solutions are not even capable of basic operation, folder hierarchy maintenance is not possible there. Here, users can easily select the option to keep the data files in the original folder hierarchy. This is beneficial in keeping the files where they belong to.

If you do not want the Outlook attachments in their original folder hierarchy, you can easily select the option to keep all the attachments in one combined folder. The software let you customize the results as you wanted, which provides it an edge over other solution. Some other solutions also provide this preciseness but here, it is utmost.

Naming Convention Feature for Users

When we talk about bulk attachments, this Outlook mail attachment downloader provides a naming convention option. Moreover, despite just one, it offers two options for naming convention. This makes the sorting & identification of data files much easier.

Naming Convention for Attachments

The naming convention option for the attachments allows users to name files as follows:

  • Original File Name
  • Subject + Original File Name
  • Date + Subject + Original File Name

Naming Convention for Folders

Similarly, for folders also, the software provides the following options:

  • Subject
  • Subject + Date
  • From + Subject + Date

There are some more options available & a few are going to release in a new update soon.

Outlook Attachment Downloader Offers Various Filters

Another useful feature that this software provides to its users is various filter options. As we know that the software allows users to get customized results, it also provides filters for a selective download of the attachments.

There are two major filters available for users that perform the selective extraction of Outlook attachments. Below are the two filters mentioned with details.

Category Filter

The category filter allows users to easily filter out various categories like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, & journals. This way users can save storage & get only the required data in a minimum time with this Outlook attachment extractor tool.

Date Filter

The date filter can be used by users to selectively download attachments from a specific time period & leave all the other unwanted files with the same aim to save storage & time.

Extract Inline Attachments in Bulk from Outlook

There are two types of attachments in the Outlook emails & other files. One is a direct attachment that a user links with the email. The other one is the data files present inside the body of the email.

When there are multiple attachments within the body of the email & users want to extract them along with multiple email data, manual methods aren’t sufficient. However, this Outlook attachment downloader can extract those attachments with ease.

Download Report Feature to Get the Statistics

You will be surprised to know that this software provides users with a status report at the end of the extraction operation. This report consists of all the statistics that show the number of successful items & the amount of data extracted.

This data is useful in further analysis & other studies. For records also, this report plays a crucial role as it shows various statistics about the operation. This report is provided in a CSV file format.

Pros & Cons in A Nutshell

Now let’s talk about the Pros & Cons of the tool in short & understand if it’s worth it or not.


  • The software is really fast & executes the entire operation in one go.
  • It stands out as excellent in all the standard benchmark tests we usually run.
  • The software provides precise results & utmost accuracy that users can ask for.
  • No need for admin privileges. It can run the operation without admin credentials.
  • Also, enable users to download data via the filter of file size from 1Kb to 100 Mb.
  • This Outlook attachment extractor tool supports Windows version 11(64 Bit) & below versions.
  • It also supports all the Microsoft Outlook versions from 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.


Do not provide users to download unlimited attachments for free. However, the Demo version allows users to extract 25 attachments from the first 5 PST / OST / OLM files. Whereas, you can extract 10 attachments from MSG files using the trial version.

Outlook Attachment Extractor Download

Outlook Attachment Extractor
V 9.1.0 For Windows PC

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Download Specs

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  • Platform: Windows OS
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  • Developer: SysTools

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