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Repair SQL Server Files & Recover Deleted SQL Objects.
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Sep 25, 2022
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SysTools SQL Recovery Software for Windows is a robust and advanced tool to repair and recover SQL Server data like Tables, functions, views, rules, triggers, restore stored procedures, and associated Primary keys, Unique keys, data types & all the other elements of SQL Database.

Why Choose SysTools SQL Recovery Software?

  1. Provides Two Types of Scanning Modes

The tool comes with two modes of scanning which can be used according to the complexity of damaged data. You can opt for a “Quick scan” option for minor database corruption or opt for an Advance mode for severe corruption.

  1. Repair MDF/ NDF File

The tool will carefully examine and repair damaged primary and secondary SQL server files (MDF/ NDF) and recover data from them.

  1. Recover SQL Table Records Recover deleted SQL table records along with schema from the database file.
  2. Supported SQL Server Versions

The application supports 2019 / 2016 / 2017 / 2014 server versions. You can also export it into SQL Server versions 2019, 2017, 2016, and 2014.

  1. Recovery of Primary / Foreign Key

It supports the recovery of both Primary as well as Foreign Keys.

  1. Recover Schema

Tool recovers not only SQL tables but also standard & user-defined schemas.

  1. Supports Windows 64/ 32-Bit OS

SQL Recovery supports all Windows versions including 10. Also, it extends support for both; 32 as well as 64-bit versions.

  1. Option to Save Scanned File

The tool provides the option to save scanned MDF and NDF files in .str file format to a desirable location so that you can save the scanning time for future processes.

  1. Preview Scanned Components

The tool shows all the scanned as well as recovered database items like tables, columns, keys, indexes, triggers, procedures, and functions along with their item count acting like a SQL database viewer.

  1. Automatically Detects SQL Server Version

It easily detects the SQL Server version of MDF or NDF file on its own. You can also manually add the server version along with authentication.

  1. Export SQL Server Database

The Export option will let you send SQL Server databases into the live SQL Server database either in an existing database or create a new database. The tool also gives a ‘Collation Setting’ option to export databases to an environment of any language.

  1. Convert & Export As SQL Scripts

You can convert server data into SQL Server compatible SQL script (a .sql file gets created) further which you can export to any machine or use to restore data on any SQL Server machine.

  1. Option to Export Schema With or Without Data

SQL Recovery tool enables you to export the schema of desired tables, procedures, etc. You can also export both schema and data/ records in it.

  1. Data Type Support

The tool supports XML & Advanced Data Types like Datatype like Datetime2, date time offset, sql_variant, hierarchy id, geometry & geography data types. This includes ASCII and Unicode XML data types also.

  1. Export Only Selected Items

You can select objects from the MDF or NDF file to export and save. The SQL Recovery application lets you check or uncheck the files and folders. The software also provides the option to export deleted records and deleted objects.


SysTools SQL Recovery for Windows comes with 4 license models: Personal ($248), Corporate ($348), Technician ($448), and Enterprise ($698).

SysTools SQL Recovery Tool Latest Version 13.2 Update

Updated to version 13.2 fixed bugs.