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TG Macro is a free-to-download and open-source macro recorder and player for Windows PCs. Developed by “trksyln”. It allows you to record and playback sequences of mouse and keyboard actions, which can be used to automate tasks or improve your performance in games. It is at this moment among one of the best and safest mouse & keyboard automation tools.

TGMacro works differently than other macro software, instead of sending direct inputs, it sends its input via your mouse and keyboard and in doing so simulates real hardware input. You can also create and save as many macros as you need and also loop them if it’s needed.

How to Download TG Macro for Windows PCs

You can easily get the TG Macro download for Windows 7/8.1/10/11 PCs by scrolling to the top of this page and clicking on the Free Download button. We recommend the portable version instead of the setup because it can be launched directly from the archive.

Mac and Linux users will not be able to download this app because it is not available for those platforms but can instead try out the alternatives given below.


Here are a few alternatives to this app:

How to Install TG Macro on Windows PCs

No installation is necessary since it is available as a portable standalone version. Simply download and extract the zip archive and launch the software via its exe (executable).

However, if you still downloaded the setup file instead of the portable standalone version then follow the instructions below to install it.

Step 1: Launch the installer’s exe file and click on Install.

TGMacro setup pic 1

Step 2: Click Finish to close the installation window once done.

TGMacro setup pic 2

How To Use TG Macro on Windows PCs

We will explain how to use it in detail but before that, you must understand what each element of the UI does. Here’s a list of all the options available.

File drop-down menu:

  • Load Project: Load a new project into the app that will clear all previous changes.
  • Save Project: Saves all current changes made as a TGM project.
  • Save Project As Saves the project to a new location and doesn’t override existing files if at the same location.
  • Import Project: Saves changes made or the current project and imports another, through this you can combine multiple projects.
  • Import Script: Saves changes made or the current project and imports AMC scripts, through this you can combine a project with AMC scripts.
  • Clear Screen: Clears the screen of any saved/unsaved changes to start anew.

Creating Macros Manually

Custom macros can be loaded directly into the app by using the Load Project or Import Project feature. If you want to create a custom macro yourself then go ahead and use the “Add New Macro +” option, it’ll open a new window where you can create a macro manually for yourself.

How to create a macro manually on TGMacro

Adding An Action

To add an action in this app, click on Add New Macro as shown above, then click on the + icon to open the Action Editor, and finally select what type of Action you need to want to add in it.

How to add an action in TG Macro

Configuring Key Statuses

Go to the Action Editor as shown above and then in the Key Status drop-down menu, you’ll see three options.

  • Press – Key Status: Presses the selected button and releases with only a 1ms delay.
  • Down – Key Status: Presses and holds the selected button until release.
  • Up-Key Status: Releases the selected button that was held down in Down key status.
How to configure key statuses in TG Macro creation tool

Setting Keys For Key Statuses

The above section explains what each key status does, to set them simply select one of them and click on Save.

Recording Mouse And Keyboard inputs

To record mouse movements and keyboard inputs, first, you’ll need to click on “Add New Macro“. In the Macro Editor window look to the bottom right to find the Record Settings. Here you can either use the CTRL + F10 hotkey or hit the Record button to start recording.

How to record mouse/keyboard inputs in TG Macro

Looping Macros By Mouse Or Keyboard Button Combinations

Go to the Macro Editor as you’ve done before, Under the Triggering section on the right click on the When: to open a drop-down menu. From here select Key Toggle and click Save. Now whenever you press the toggle button it will loop itself over and over again until stopped by the same toggle button.

How to loop macros in TGMacro

Importing AMC Recoil Scripts

AMC recoil scripts are just simple scripts in .amc format that are created outside of the TG Macro application. You can still however import them into it and use them as macros to gain an advantage in a game.

To do this click on the File tab to open a drop-down menu and select Import Script from here.

How to import AMC recoil scripts in TGMacro


Is TGM Macro Safe?

Yes! It is an open-source project that is completely safe to download and use. It is free of any viruses or malware so you can create macros in it with complete peace of mind.

Can I use TGM on Mac or Linux?

Unfortunately no! It only works on Windows but you can use it on any Windows version. (Windows 7+)

Which games does this software support?

Any! This app doesn’t send inputs to games, Instead, it simulates your mouse, and keyboard inputs at the OS level so you can use TGM on any game. Even browser games!

Can I send clicks without moving the mouse?

Yes!, All you need to do is settingᅠPositioning to Relativeᅠand leave X, Y values as 0. Relative positioning doesn’t move the cursor to a position instead it adds or subtracts from the cursor position.

What is a pixel event?

Pixel event watches selected positions on the screen for color changes. When the color on the position matches with the selected color or not (depending on settings) it triggers the macro. (Can be used as auto HP, MP potion, etc.)

Some keyboard key actions missing key down or up action

This appears when you have an action for key press but not for release or vice versa. Usually when recoding check your action list for missing action.

How can I send clicks to the cursor’s current position?

Quite simple! First, add a new action and select ‘Mouse Key’ as the ‘Action Type’. Then, change the ‘Positioning’ value from ‘Move to Pos’ to ‘Add to current pos’ and leave the ‘Position’ values at 0.

How do I loop my macros?

To loop macro, all you need to do is change the ‘When’ value in trigger settings. Selecting ‘Key Hold’ will loop your macro until you release the trigger key. Or you can select the ‘Key Toggle’ option to loop your macros until you press again the trigger key. Take a look at the Looping Macros By Mouse Or Keyboard Key Combinations T G Macro section for further details

How can I build my own TGMacro?

You can download the project source code from here. It also requires the CSInputs library which you download from here. After downloading all necessary files now you can open the ‘TGMacro.csproj’ file in Visual Studio.

Can I open multiple Projects at once?

Yes! All you need to do is open your first project and then use ‘File’ > ‘Import Project’ to import other projects. ‘Import Project’ will not close previous ones.

TG Macro – Gaming Macro Tool Latest Version 2.4 Update

Settings menu added.
Activating key can be changed.
Recording key can be changed.
Color palette can be changed.
Can be set to enable on start.
Can be set to load last project on start.

TG Macro – Gaming Macro Tool Features