mBackupper is the best free iPhone backup manager. It has a well set-out interface that anyone can understand and enough features to make managing tasks effective but not overwhelming. It requires a one-click back up your phone with no data loss. mBackupper backs up your music, photos, videos, important messages and contacts from iPhone to PC safely and securely. The software lets you restore backup files to another iPhone, even if it’s a new one.

Back up your iPhone Completely

mBackupper allows selective backup to save space. This way you can choose any file(s) you like to back up. It helps in a complete backup of files and even restores files from your old iPhone to another.

mBackupper iPhone backup helps in providing multiple backups and restoration methods to create the most comprehensive backup. The program helps save your iPhone memory and excitingly you save your time.

Make Your Experience Better

mBackupper makes your experience better and extends its functionality to over:

  • Preview Before Backup

It’s always good to foresight what you really need to back up. Confirm it and then go for backup.

  • Preview before Restore

Similarly, you need another pair of eyes to preview files before backup. It is as important as you go through your exam paper.

  • Restore across different ios-system device

You can also restore your data across different ios-system devices.

  • Transfer what you want with amazing speed

mBackupper allows you to fully transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, messages from iPhone to PC effortlessly.

  • Sync Files

Sync files from your iPhone to PC.

  • One-Click iPhone Transfer Software

You can reliably transfer your iPhone files and folders to the other and there is no number limit to it.

mBackupper can improve

Though, mBackupper is a great backup manager tool, but technically its not fair enough for every user. It would have been nicer that mBackupper extends its service to Android platform to cater their needs.

On the Whole

mBackupper can be viewed as the best free backup managing tool for iOS users. It is helpful backup utility tool that is superbly interactive and offers really helpful features to improve user experience. From back upping music, videos and other multimedia elements, this software program can restore and backup files from you phone to another even if that’s a new one.

mBackupper is totally safe to use. This is because it uses Apples’s official device support components. Therefore, this ensures stability and reliability. Even when your data is stored on local computer, there is no need to worry about it. mBackupper doesn’t even require an internet connection for transferring the data from iPhone to the PC.