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Gain enhanced abilities in Egoist Football Roblox game with the Egoist Script
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Jan 1, 2023
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Egoist Script Roblox is a powerful script for the fast-paced Egoist football game/experience in Roblox. It grants the users enhanced features like Goal Aimbot, Auto Dribble, Player Shoot, Back Kick, & many more. These abilities can help you when you’re up against pro players.

Just like Pastebin or V3rmillion, Egoist Script download is still working in 2024 and can be executed via any powerful Roblox scripting apps, we have many of those available at this link.

How to Use Script In-Game

To use this script in-game we need to first download a Roblox scripting app from the link above. Once it’s downloaded and installed follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Roblox and then start the game/experience.

Step 2: Wait 10 seconds, then launch the scripting app and copy the script code given below.

Script 1 – Aimbot, High Kick, And Auto Dribble


Script 2 – GUI


Step 3: Paste this code into the script editor in the app, click Inject/Attach, and then run it.

Step 4: After running it the script GUI will appear and you can enable/disable any feature that you want to use. A reference image is attached below.

Egoist Script Features