KAT Script
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Unlock All Weapons, Get Aimbot, God Mode, and much more with KAT Script
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August 2023
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Unlock All Weapons, Get Aimbot, God Mode, and much more with KAT Script

KAT Script is a cheat script for the popular Knife Ability Test (KAT) Roblox game. It can give players an unfair advantage over the competition with hacks like AimBot, ESP, God Mode, Kill Aura, Kill All, Silent Aim (Aimbot), Force Headshots Only, Teleporting, Anti AFK, Get All Guns, etc. Some of the Roblox KAT Scripts can also get you access to Admin commands.

There are many KAT Scripts Pastebin available in 2023 but it can get quite confusing which to use. Another reason is that the older KAT scripts from 2022 are mostly patched. We have carefully selected and provided KAT Scripts that are working in 2023. Some KAT scripts also support Android mobile devices via the Arceus X V3 Roblox Executor. Executors like Synapse X, Krnl, Fluxus, JJSploit, and Vega X are also supported.

KAT Script for Roblox Knife Ability Test

KAT Scripts that still work in 2023 are given below:

Note: Some of the scripts given below require a key, this will redirect you to a website where you can gain one by watching a few ads or doing some short tasks that are assigned to you.

1. DarkyyWare – KAT Script

DarkyyWare is a KAT script GUI made by AndrewDarkyy, it has hacks built into separate categories like Combat, Weapon Mods, Player, Visuals, Trolling, & Misc.

DarkyyWare KAT Script Roblox Screenshot

Alternatively, you can also use the other code given below for this KAT Script.


2. Owl Hub – Universal Roblox Script

Owl Hub is a universal Roblox Script that works with over 35 Roblox games. KAT is among these games so players can use Owl Hub script to get hacks like Aimbot, ESP, etc. with it.


3. LightUX – KAT Script

LightUX Kat Script GUI Pastebin has cheat options like ESP, Aimbot, Silent Aim, Anti AFK, etc.

LightUX KAT Script Roblox Screenshot

4. MrPectable Hub – KAT Script

This is another universal Pastebin script GUI that supports the Roblox KAT (Knife Ability Test). Unfortunately, it just has one cheat option which is Aimbot.

MrPectable Hub KAT Script Roblox Screenshot

5. Lollypop Hub – KAT Script

Lollypop Hub is a universal Pastebin script, which means it can work in Roblox games other than the Knife Ability Test. It has fewer cheats than other KAT-specific scripts, but still has the most requested Aimbot and a few other cheats.

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MariyaFurmanova/Library/main/un_lulaslollipop", true))()
Lollypop Hub KAT Script Roblox Screenshot

How to Execute KAT Script in Roblox

Follow the steps below to learn how to execute the KAT Pastebin script in Roblox using an exploit or executor.

Note: Please keep in mind we will not be responsible for any problems or bans you face for using these scripts. For your account’s safety use a dummy or alternate account.

Step 1: Launch Roblox and then start up the KAT game in Roblox.

Step 2: Once the KAT Roblox game is launched wait 10 seconds and then launch your preferred Roblox Executor/exploit.

Step 3: Copy and paste any of the KAT script from above and paste it into the exploit’s script or Lua script editor window. After pasting it click on Inject then click on Execute.

Step 4: If everything went successfully then a window should open up of the script you executed. From this window, you can control which cheats you want to use.