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13 March, 2023
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Lightworks is a free video editing tool having similar features that you can find in Adobe Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut. Using this tool you can give your content a professional look. Lightworks video editor’s free version offers most features that you can find paid for in other video editing tools.

You can download the Lightworks video editor on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11. It has a 64-bit & 32-bit version that is suitable for high-performance computers and can handle large video projects with ease.

Lightworks premium upgrade is also there for those who want extra features. It’s important to understand that it carries the risk of malware and viruses.

This video editing software is widely considered to be a safe and reliable piece of software, making it a great option for both professional filmmakers and hobbyists alike. Whether you are a seasoned editor or just starting out, Lightworks is a powerful and accessible tool for creating high-quality video content.

Lightworks offers a range of features that are typically found in expensive editing suites, including advanced audio and video effects, real-time titling, and multi-cam editing capabilities. One of the most impressive aspects of Lightworks is its ability to handle multiple formats and resolutions, making it a versatile tool for any filmmaker.

Features and Highlights;

  • 100’s of Inbuilt  Titles, Transitions & Effects
  • Advanced Titles
  • 4K Export
  • Social Media Export Templates
  • Cloud Editing & Collaboration
  • Access to Stock Music & Video
  • Unlimited Project Spaces
  • Advanced Metadata
  • Unmatched format support
  • Dedicated Web Export (MPEG4/H.264)
  • Optimized for speed
  • World-class Trimming for fast precision editing
  • Multicam Editing
  • Powerful, real-time effects with inbuilt preset
  • Enhanced VFX with Boris FX
  • Text Effects with Boris Graffiti
  • Project Sharing for groups
  • Customizable interface
  • Hardware I/O Support
  • Unique Patented Console and Dedicated Keyboard

Lightworks is also available for free download and is perfect for beginners. The free version includes a 90-day license and basic features like timeline rendering and transition effects. For advanced users, the premium version offers Hollywood-level editing capabilities.

Lightworks Latest Version 2023.3 Update

Improved the import panel to always use one set consistently across each of the import methods/panels.
Prevented the “Move” type cursor from showing when the DVE center is in the same position as a mask point.
Modified the drawing order to reflect the mask overlay in front of the DVE overlay.
Fixed keyframe graphs panel showing no graphs.
Fixed effect keyframe graphs do not show the scroll bar when adding multiple effects.
Fixed FX Settings panel not redrawing correctly when jumping between multiple regions on the timeline.
Fixed the issue of the Mask center point showing when a mask shape has not been drawn.
Fixed incorrect timecode being read from BWF audio files.