Lil’ Wings – Minecraft Mod 1.2.3
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Add new butterflies in Minecraft world using the Lil' Wings Mod.
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Jan 10, 2023
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Java (17+) + Minecraft (v1.19.2)
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Looking to add a new layer of gameplay to your Minecraft and become a lepidopterist in the process? The Lil’ Wings mod for Minecraft is for you which adds butterflies and a whole lot of features to the game. Butterflies are very rare in Minecraft and there isn’t much you can do with them despite their rarity.

Lil’ Wings is a mod for Minecraft Forge and Fabric. It adds 12 new butterflies, 50+ new items, and a handful of blocks that lighten up your world with new butterfly-related content to play with.

Each butterfly has a unique function when captured and let into a glass jar. Glass jars can be placed into the world by simply shifting and right-clicking a glass bottle onto the ground. You can let a butterfly go inside a jar by right-clicking them with a net and then right-clicking a glass jar with the filled net.

Lil’ Wings mod download will help you in performing special actions inside jars, which can range from anything to the transformation of blocks, picking up items, or healing surrounding players. More information on each book can be found in “The Great Butter Book” once you install Patchouli.

We recommend that you use a minimum of 5 GB of RAM to run the Lil Wings mod smoothly

Each of the new butterflies that are added has unique abilities when captured and put into a glass jar. The mod also provides new ways to capture and hold these butterflies.

Mod Features:

  • Addition of 12 new butterflies all with their own unique abilities when placed in a glass jar.
  • Adds Glass jar item to release captured butterflies in.
  • Adds a butterfly net item to capture butterflies.
  • Add a Lantern on a stick item to make butterflies follow you in a short range.
  • 50+ new items to improve Minecraft’s gameplay.
  • A handful of blocks that can beautify your Minecraft world further.
  • You can also modify the Elytra with the wings from the DNA of butterflies.

Abilities of some of the new butterflies:

  • A butterfly can produce butter if they’re placed on top of a cauldron of milk.
  • A butterfly that can increase the growth speed of nearby crops.
  • A mushroom modifying butterfly that can modify nearby mushrooms.
  • A healing butterfly that can heal surrounding players.
  • A crystal-themed butterfly that can increase the growth rate of nearby amethyst.

Mod Requirements

  • Minecraft (v1.19.2)
  • Java (17 or above)
  • Forge or Fabric to install and manage the mod.
  • Patchouli Mod (Optional). This mod can help you view the entire feature list in-game in a beautiful book format.

How to Download & Install Lil’ Wings Mod

  • Make sure you have Java and Forge installed.
  • Get the Lil Wings download and you should see a *.jar file.
  • Move this *.jar file to the path Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > App Data > Roaming > .minecraft > mods (folder).
  • If there isn’t any mods folder you can simply create one and then move the downloaded mods in there.
  • Launch the game through Forge via the Minecraft Launcher client and enjoy.

Lil’ Wings – Minecraft Mod Latest Version 1.2.3 Update

Fix crash with later Fabric versions