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Microsoft Teams is a powerful and versatile communication and collaboration tool that offers a wide range of features for team collaboration, including chat, video and audio meetings, file sharing, and project management. It’s designed to support remote work, online learning, and virtual events, making it a popular choice for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

While it can be overwhelming to use at first due to its many features, once users become familiar with it, it can greatly enhance productivity and teamwork. Additionally, Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and OneDrive, making it even more convenient for users who are already familiar with those tools.

Overall, Microsoft Teams is a great solution for those looking for a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool. MS Teams app is actively maintained on our website. You can always download the latest version of MS Team for Windows 10 and 11, maintained at Softlay.

How to Download and Install Microsoft Team

Teams itself might be a difficult app to use but its download and installation are simple.

Here’s how you can get it up and working:

Step 1: Get the latest version of the Microsoft Teams download by clicking on the “Free Download” button at the top of this page.

Step 2: Now run the newly downloaded “Teams_windows_x64.exe” executable file and it should begin installation.

Microsoft Teams installation process

Step 3: Once installation is complete you should see this loading screen and the app will open.

Microsoft Teams installation completed

Now that the app is installed, you must be wondering how to get started with using Microsoft Teams, see the section below to get started with it.

How to Use Microsoft Teams?

Once the app is up and running, you’ll be greeted with the Microsoft Teams login screen, here you can either sign in with your Microsoft account or directly join a meeting with a Meeting ID (see reference image below).

MS Teams login or join a meeting window

Joining A Meeting in Microsoft Teams

There are two methods on how you can join a meeting in Teams once you’re at this step. Take a look at them below:

Method 1: Signing In to Join a Meeting

Step 1: Click on “Get Started” and then sign in using your Microsoft Account.

MS Teams sign in prompt window

Step 2: Once you’re signed in, Click on Calendar” from the left menu > “# Join with an ID” > Enter the Meeting ID and the Meeting Passcode (provided by the creator of the meeting) > “Join meeting“.

Joining a meeting in MS Teams after creating an account

Method 2: Join Meeting As a Guest in MS Teams

Step 1: To join an MS Teams meeting without creating an ID or as a guest, you’ll need to click on Join Meeting” in the initial login window.

Step 2: A new window will open up, enter the Meeting ID and Passcode (provided by the creator of the meeting), and then click on “Join Meeting“.

Joining a meeting in MS Teams as a guest or without creating an account

Creating a Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Starting a meeting of your own is pretty easy as well. To create one follow these instructions:

Select the Calendar Tab from the left menu > click “Meet now” > Set a Meeting Name > Start Meeting.

Creating a meeting in MS Teams

Creating a Team In Microsoft Teams

Creating a Team is a confusing step for many users when they first start using MS Teams. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you out with that, follow the easy steps below to create a team easily.

Step 1: From the left menu Click on Teams (Teams icon) > Click on the plus icon (Planner add task icon) > Select Create Team (Join or create a team).

Creating a Team in MS Teams window

Step 2: Now you’ll need to decide what kind of team you want this to be. Choose Private if you want to limit the included content, conversations, etc. to a specific set of people. Choose Public if you want a community or topic that anyone in the organization can join.

Selecting team privacy type during team creation

Step 3: After selecting the privacy of the team, now you need to give your team a name and description (optional). When done click on “Create” to finalize everything.

Changing Background on Microsoft Teams

This app offers a unique feature known as Microsoft Teams Background Effects. You can use these effects to alter your background whenever you’re on a video call with someone, and they work surprisingly well according to our tests.

To use these effects do this: Click on More (More options button) > select Background effects > select Desired Background > click Apply.

Changing background effects in Teams during a meeting

Sharing Screen on Microsoft Teams

Sharing your screen in live time is also possible in Teams. This feature has many use cases which makes it a must-have in a business collaboration-focused communication app like Teams.

To use this feature, click on Share when in a meeting > select between sharing any open window or the entire screen > begin live streaming your PC screen.

Sharing PC screen in Teams during a meeting

How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams

When you have no more use of an app and wish to remove it, it is vital that you do it properly.

Here’s how to completely remove MS Teams from your PC:

Step 1: Search for Add or Remove Programs in Windows Search and click on it.

Step 2: Search for the Microsoft Teams program in this list > click on the options menu (signified by three dots) > click Uninstall.

This will remove the software from your PC although you might need to restart it once the uninstall is done.


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is your all-in-one stop for seamless collaboration, bringing chat, meetings, and file sharing together in one unified platform whether it’s for work or home.

Is Microsoft Teams free?

Yes, Microsoft Teams has a basic free version but to make full use of the software it is recommended to get a Teams subscription.

How much is Microsoft Teams?

Pricing for Teams starts at $4.00/month for Microsoft Teams Essential and goes all the way up to $12.50/month for Microsoft 365 Business Standard which includes other benefits like cloud storage, complete Office 365 Suite, and much more.
For further details on any plan or subscribing to it, visit the Microsoft Teams Webpage.

How to download recording from Microsoft Teams?

Only the individual who started the recording in the first place and the meeting organizer can download the recording. If you’re one of those then follow these instructions.
Step 1: Go to the meeting recording in the chat history and select More options (More options button) > Open in Microsoft Stream.

Step 2: On the Microsoft Stream portal, select (More options button) > “Download original video“.

Can I join a Teams meeting without an Microsoft account?

Yes, it is possible to join a Teams meeting without an MS account. A short guide on how to do this is provided above in the “How to Use Microsoft Teams?” section.

Microsoft Teams Latest Version Update

What's New

- Set a nickname in your communities: You can set a nickname to make it easier for other community members to know who you are. Nicknames are specific to a community, so they'll only appear where you set the nickname. To change your nickname, right-click the community name and select Manage Community. Then, select Set nickname next to your account name.

- Find contacts by email address: Quickly create a Teams chat with anyone by typing their email address in the search box at the top of the screen. A new chat will be created with this contact and they'll be notified via email.

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