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Telegram Download For Windows 10 PC

Secure instant messenger app with fast file transfer rate.

Telegram for desktop app is the most powerful and secure free windows messenger. Telegram for PC is the right platform where you can send free videos & audio files without fear of data interception and stealing. Even before WhatsApp web, the Telegram web app was already there for its users.

This free communication app offers fast contacts synchronizations and instant message database access from anywhere in the world. Now telegram download is also available for mac, android & Linux operating systems.

Telegram download for PC

Security and privacy is up to the mark

Security has always been the focal point in messenger apps, but telegram has put the privacy of its users above everything else. The messages are encrypted in the cloud.

This online messenger has a two-fold security authentication system. If you download telegram for the desktop you can see watch over malicious login attempts. From the settings, you can view what devices and locations you used to sign in.

Fast speed

Another advantage of this social app is its fast speed. You can send a batch of pictures and videos instantly. There is no lag time while transferring or uploading files. You can attach hundreds of emoticons, stickers while chatting with your friends. The only drawback is that you can’t make online video & audio calls with this latest free version.

Its desktop version also lacks some features such as you are unable to start secret chats, voice messaging, or group chats. Just like Whatsapp double tick notification, once you send a message from PC, it’s marked as read.

How to Use telegram for PC?

To use this free Windows chat app, first, make sure that you already have an active android account. If you don’t have this messenger app on your mobile device, then first download the telegram for android.

When you log in desktop telegram app it requires your mobile number, enter it. Then it will send a verification code on mobile, enter that code and you are good to go.

The app quickly syncs with contacts. You can easily send messages on any contact be it audio or video files. There is no restriction on how many files you can send at once. You can use stickers having famous world figures.

Telegram app for PC also integrates with another app such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram which allows you to see any content you shared in them. If anyone mentions you in any one of these social networks, you can easily watch them in this app.

If you want to add more people which aren’t already in your contacts. Then again, this instant messenger app allows you to search people via username. If any user sends too many messages, then you can also adjust notification settings for each user.

If you are a student or businessman, then you can create a group of unlimited members. This group chat feature allows members to chat with each other at once. You create multiple group administrators who can change the group’s name or photos.

Telegram web is another feature that allows you to use this app without downloading files in your system. Its web version also gives the same android features to you.

How to Delete Telegram Account

To permanently delete a telegram account on another phone or on android, follow these steps:

  • Open Telegram on your mobile and click on the option ‘Settings’.
  • Select the option Privacy and Security.
  • Next, scroll down to the If Away for section to automatically delete your account.
  • Once done, the app will permanently delete your account on Android and iPhone.

Final Thoughts

After considering all features this app is the best alternative to WhatsApp. Security and privacy are the core foundation on which this app is built. As compare to WhatsApp which is now Facebook owns but recently it has sold user data.

Rest assure Telegram desktop is a solid place although it isn’t fully featured as compare to other free windows instant messenger e.g. skype, Viber & Line. But if you want speed and security then you should download the telegram.

Telegram app download For PC

Download v3.1.0 For PC

🛡️ Safe & Secure

Download Information

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 20.1 MB
  • Downloads: 1,231
  • Developer: Telegram LLC