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OnlyOFFICE Desktop Editor for Windows

A collaborative desktop office suite for document editing

OnlyOFFICE Desktop Editor is a complete productivity suite with document management to create, view, and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations of any size and complexity. It moreover, offers project management, CRM, calendar, mail, and corporate network.

It extends its functionality to over integrating third-party plugins. This generally includes YouTube videos, special symbols, clipart objects, or even translate any word or sentence and stuff like highlighting codes, etc. OnlyOFFICE can be used as a cloud application or you can install it on your own servers in your corporate environment.

Tab-Based User Interface

OnlyOFFICE Desktop lets user’s deal with multiple files within one and the same window, making tasks much easier and simpler.

Co-edit in Real Time with your Team

Connect ONLY-OFFICE  to cloud platforms like “own cloud” or “next cloud” to collaborate and pave the way to team collaboration ( in real time ) to work out your documents, boosting up productivity.

Remain Secure and Anonymous with unique layered encryption technology.

Our data is obviously the most important element.Isn’t it? In-fact it is a burning issue emerging for most companies. Therefore, to remain fully secure, ONLYOFFICE is the best software to go with because it encrypts your documents, temporary files and makes co-editing safe at both ends.

Integrate Plug-ins

OnlyOFFICE Desktop Editor makes the work experience more professional by getting in a collection of third-party plugins. This includes:

  • Youtube Videos
  • Special Symbols
  • ClipArt
  • Recognise text from the pictures and screenshots
  • Convert selected text into speech
  • Automatically translate any word or sentence

All-in-one Suite to create, edit and collab on documents

OnlyOFFICE supports and works on documents of most popular formats:

  • DOCX
  • ODT
  • XLSX
  • ODS
  • CSV
  • PPTX
  • ODP

The Bottom Line

OnlyOFFICE Desktop Editor is indeed the best-effective document management system that offers strong core set of features. It makes editing super easy for you. While it can also manage multiple documents at the same time, you can connect to online resources.

It is a collaborative cloud-based office suite for small and midsize and even for large companies, catering individuals, educational institutes, affiliates and non-profit industries. With the option of co-editing, users I believe can improve and learn to work in harmony.

ONLYOFFICE is distributed in both free and paid versions, with payment policy depending on the solution. Support is available via email and over the phone. While it is available for Windows, it also works for Linux and MacOS.

Free Download For PC

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