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An open-source, community driven modding toolchain designed for Minecraft.
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June 08, 2023
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1.20.2 - 0.21.2
Minecraft (v1.20) + Java
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Quilt is a mod loader for Minecraft that aims to provide a better modding experience for both developers and players. Its primary focus is speed, ease of use, and modularity. It is based on Fabric, but it includes a number of features that make it more powerful and flexible. It is designed to be a more modern and flexible alternative to Forge, the current standard mod loader for Minecraft. You can get the QuiltMC download free from our website.

Why Quilt MC?

It can provide you with the following advantages over other mod loaders:

  • Mods that should be more compatible with each other, despite their use of powerful modding tools
  • Compatibility with Fabric mods, meaning you don’t need to stop using your favorite mods.
  • An inclusive, transparent, and friendly official community that cares about social issues, has an experienced staff team and works with its users to improve over time.

Can Quilt load Fabric mods?

Many users ask about this question because they know it forked out from Fabric. The short answer is Yes, it can load Fabric mods as long as the mods don’t make use of internal Fabric APIs, you should be able to add them to your mods folder as you always have and, assuming you have the Quilted Fabric API installed (which is part of QSL), things should just work fine.

If I’m using Fabric mods, do I need Fabric API installed?

No, you don’t – in fact, the devs recommend against it for compatibility reasons. Many mods make use of the Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL), which are directly incompatible with Fabric API. To deal with this problem, QSL includes a special version of Fabric API which doesn’t cause any conflicts. It’s part of the standard QSL distribution, which you can get from Modrinth.

Can Fabric load Quilt mods?

Another question asked by a lot of users. The short answer is No, Fabric cannot load them.

Mod Features:

  • Speed: It is designed to be faster than other modding toolchains, such as Fabric and Forge. This is achieved through optimizations, such as using a custom code generator and a more efficient memory allocator.
  • Ease of use: It is easy to use for both modders and players and the installer is simple to use.
  • Modularity: Mods can be easily swapped in and out so that new features can be added without having to change existing mods.
  • Quilt’s Standard Libraries (QSL): Provides a larger API surface than Fabric’s API in some instances, such as the QSL dynamic recipe module and the resource loader improvements
  • A powerful decompiler: Includes a powerful decompiler that can be used to reverse engineer mods.
  • A friendly community: A friendly and welcoming community that is always willing to help new users.


How to Download & Install Quilt Minecraft:

To begin the Quilt download and installation process go ahead and download the installer. You can either download the Universal version which comes in a *.jar file and will work on any computer with Java installed. Alternatively, you can download the Windows version if you prefer running that instead of a Java file.

Once downloading the installer is complete, follow these steps:

  • If you have the Minecraft launcher open, close it before continuing.
  • Find the installer you downloaded and run it.
  • Ensure that you have the Client tab selected.
  • Select the version of Minecraft you wish to install the mod loader for.
  • Select the version of the loader you’d like to use.
  • Click the Install button.

Note: Leave the “Generate profile” box checked. This will automatically create a custom profile of this mod loader in the Minecraft Launcher you use.

QuiltMC – Minecraft Mod Loader Latest Version 1.20.2 - 0.21.2 Update


Updated provided version of Fabric Loader to 0.14.21

Added a way for mods to display error messages in QuiltLoaderGui.

Added `QuiltLoader.getCacheDir`, which defaults to `<game>/.cache`

Added some French translations (Mysterious-Dev)

Added the system property `loader.disable_forked_guis`

Only use a single Sub-File column Switch to mod "kind" in the mod table instead of the plugin which loaded that mod. Added SHA-1 hashes of mod files to the mods table.

Tweaks to the transform cache: Always disable using the previous transform cache in a development environment.

Add the mod file name to the cache entry, to make it easier to debug why the cache changed. Hide detailed cache key changes behind a new system property `loader.transform_cache.log_changed_keys`

Improved the solver error messages: Removed "transitively" wording from long dependency chain error messages.

Collapsed multiple identical dependencies into a single error message.

Show the full detail of unhandled solver errors, now called "Complex" errors.

Bug Fixes:

Fix mod dependencies interpreting "1.17.x" as [1.17, 2) rather than [1.17, 1.18)

Fixed `provides` not exposing the provided version.

Fixed QuiltBaseFileSystem not supporting `glob` syntax matching.

Switched loaders forked the GUI system to use a file for the classpath

Fixed the reflections patch not being applied in a development environment.


Fixed the memory file systems being kept in-memory by the path references from `ModContainer.getSourcePaths`

Optimized QuiltBasePath by folding two boolen fields into the int field

Fixed the memory file systems being kept in-memory by the path references from `ModContainer.getSourcePaths`