Blacktail – How to Get Sticky Arrows

Blacktail is full of dark creatures and monsters that Yaga will face throughout the game. She only uses a Weapon of Bow to kill the creatures or slay the dragon. However, players can get their hands on new types of arrows in the game by finding the Lost Page for them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Sticky Arrows in Blacktail.

Sticky Arrows in Black Forest – Location

The first Sticky Arrow that players will find is when they get to Slay the Dragon named “PEEWEE”. The players will have to start the quest of Brovy and Jack named “There be Dragons” in which they get to reveal new skills of Yaga as well as find the Sticky Arrows as well. The quest is the first main story quest that you will have to complete in order to progress through the story.

sticky arrow's location

After accepting the quest, you need to go to the Canyons where you will meet a talking Mushroom named “Knight” from there, you will get to kill one of the first bosses and make your way to the Dragon’s cave which is filled with Honey Nests. When you go inside the Cave, Yaga will automatically interact with the Sticky Arrows which are covered in Honey and can slow down the enemies. However, finding the Sticky Arrows will not unlock the ability to craft them when you run out of them. You will have to find the Lost Page for Sticky Arrows in order to unlock the skill to craft them.

How to Get Lost Page for Sticky Arrows

Lost Page for Stiicky Arrows is one of the first Lost Pages that you will find in the game. Players will have to complete the “There be Dragons” quest to get the Lost Page. After you have defeated the Dragon, you will have to make your way back to Brovy and Jack who will give you an extra reward of Lost Page for Sticky Arrows for slaying the Dragon.

How to Unlock Sticky Arrows Skill

Once players have obtained the Lost Page for Sticky Arrows, they can return to the Hut at any time to use the Cauldron to unlock the Skill of Sticky Arrows. Players will not be able to unlock the Skill without using the Cauldron so, it is best for them to return to the Cauldron, once they have completed the quest. After reaching the Hut, interact with the Cauldron to open up the Skills Tab. The Skills that players will be able to unlock will be highlighted and they will used certain resources from players’ resources. All the Resources are shown at the bottom of the screen and the number of the resources that will be used by a certain skill.

sticky arrow skills

However, you only have to brew the Potion of Vitality and then select the left skill in the middle tree which is highlighted to unlock the Sticky Arrows Skill. It will only consume the Lost Page that Brovy and Jack gave you. After that, you will be able to craft the Sticky Arrows, just like Simple Arrows.

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