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What Happens if You Delete System 32 Folder on Windows 10?

“Delete System 32 and make your computer run faster.” These days many newbies are falling victim to this bad joke. You will find many memes on the internet provoking you to delete the system 32 folder and see what happens. If you think it’s just a prank then you are wrong. Here in this article, you will know;

  • What is the system 32 folder on my computer?
  • Why is it called system 32?
  • How To delete it?
  • What happens if you delete system 32?
  • Is system 32 a virus?

After reading this article you should be able to know the consequences of removing the system 32 folder from Windows 10/8/7/Vista.

What is System 32 Folder?

how to delete system 32

You will find the System32 folder in all modern Windows versions. You can locate this folder at C:\Windows\System32. It contains essential files and programs which help OS to work properly.

The System32 folder contains different types of files in it i.e. DLL, EXE, Registry, and SYS. Out of these DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and EXE (Executable) are more common. If you search more about DLL and EXE you will know that these files play a vital role in performing various functions.

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When PC starts it automatically runs several built-in and third-party programs, all of them require executable commands. The system 32 directory contains all these commands. If you delete the system 32 folders, then you will face series of errors while running basic programs.

What will happen when you Delete System 32?

Each time you run your PC and see a Windows error, it will display System 32 file is corrupt. It’s because when you intentionally or accidentally tried to remove System 32. Or its files go missing, corrupt, or infected by Virus your PC performance will get slower.

So far you should know that deleting the system 32 folders is not a good decision. If you did remove it you will see multiple system errors. If you tried to restart your Windows 10 it will fail to boot properly. Even the most basic program called Windows task Manager when run will show you an error.

delete system 32 on windows

The only solution to fix the System 32 error is to reinstall Windows OS. This way you will lose all your personal data but you will surely fix the delete system 32 problem.

How to delete system 32 folders and how should I do it?

If you are keen to know the method to delete the system 32 folders from Windows 10 or Windows 7. Then here are explained steps to do it.

Try these steps on your own Risk.

At the same time bear in mind deleting the system 32 folder isn’t an easy task. It needs determination and insight knowledge about how the system works. So, if anyone told you that he accidentally delete system 32 from Windows, well he’s joking.

Now coming to the main point which is how to delete this folder? If you select System 32 folder and tried to delete it, you will see folder access denied message. That means it not an easy task so try this method instead.

  1. Press Windows key+ R and type cmd and press enter.
  2. Right-click on the command prompt and run it as admin, then enter a del command.
  3. Press y to start deleting system32. It will delete most of this folder’s files but to completely remove system 32 files create a batch file.
  4. To create a batch file open notepad type: echo off and next line type del C:\Windows\System32
  5. Save this file as .bat now click the file and run.
  6. To delete in library type C:\Windows\System32, then go to advanced security settings > owner, rename “TrustedInstaller” to your user account/admin account
  7. Now close all windows highlight your own user account and tick full control.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Now click on delete to get rid of system 32 (without seeing the error).

What Happens Afterwards?

Deleting the System32 folder is like removing medulla-oblongata from one’s skull. System 32 files contain a set of instruction, now you have removed system 32 you will see,

  • More Blue Screen of Death
  • Your system will slow down
  • Upon reboot, you will see a black screen with an error that one system file is missing.
  • When reboot Windows will automatically restore it as safety default but your PC will be stuck in a restart loop.

To conclude System 32 files as critical system files to run GUI (graphical user interface). If you do delete system 32 you will break your Windows. The only way is to reinstall OS. But if you delete system 32 on XP or Vista, then there is a folder to restore all previous tweaks.

Is it a virus?

System32 is not a virus but it’s more prone to get infected by malware and viruses. Most of the time when virus attacks on any PC. Its first target is to infect the system 32 folder. That why on these computers you will see a message asking you to delete system 32.

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But it’s a trap because if you do delete the system 32 folder, the virus will get full control over your PC. So in these situations run Windows built-in utility called Windows Defender and run a full scan.

On the other hand, you can also use third-party anti-malware software. we recommend Malwarebytes anti-malware, Iobit malware fighter, or Kaspersky. These are the best malware remover, available in free and paid version.