How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

Are you seeing System Thread Exception Not Handled stop code error on Windows 8 or Windows 10? Well on these two OS Windows blue screen error is very common.

The system_thread_exception_not_handled lvrs64.sys usually occurs at startup or when you are doing your random work. Anyhow this stop code system thread exception not handled is very unpredictable.

Here in this post, the easiest fixes are explained to solve system thread exceptions not handled in Windows 10 and 8. Try these stop code blue screen error fixes and you will never see this problem again.

Why System Thread Exception Not Handled Appears on Windows PC

Mostly Windows stop code error occurs when users upgrade Windows with incompatible hardware.  As compared to Windows 10 & 8 users, Windows 7 users don’t face this issue. The hardware incompatibility isn’t the only cause of the system thread exception not handled (igdkmd64.sys).

windows stop code system thread exception not handled

The outdated graphics card, damaged hard drives, corrupted drivers, BIOS corruptions, corrupted Windows system files, or missing Windows registry entries are causes as well.

Luckily, here we have best solution to fix thread exception not handled.

How To Fix  System Thread Exception Not Handled Error In Windows 10

Fix 1- Update Driver That Might Cause Problem

In order to fix system_thread_exception_not_handled igdkmd64.sys windows 10, you need to start from basics. First, you need to fix faulty drivers, especially faulty graphics card drivers.

If you see igdkmd64.sys along with stop code: system thread exception not handled. It means there is an issue with the Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver. These faulty drivers conflicts with other drivers and programs. That why you need to reboot your PC and fix it.

You can also use Event Viewer to identify other driver that is causing system thread exception not handled. To run this built-in Windows utility.

  1. Press Windows + R and type cmd, then press enter.
  2. Command prompt will open, here type eventvwr, and press enter.
  3. Expand Windows Logs, then click System.
  4. Click the Source tab. You can now see what driver exactly is causing the System Thread Exception Not Handled error.
windows stop code system thread exception not handled

Now you have identified the driver that causes the problem, go ahead and update the driver. On the other hand, you can also download the best drivers updater and let them do the work for you.

What To Do If You Are Unable To Access To Windows OS?

If you are unable to run Windows OS or you are stuck in a restart loop then you need to run your PC in a safe mode. Once you are in safe mode check which driver is a threat, identify it, and uninstall it.

There are two ways to run your PC in a safe mode. One is safe mode and the other is using a command prompt. If you opt for the second one then you can apply the same steps mentioned above to identify faulty Win 10 drivers. On the other hand in a simple “safe mode” you can manually uninstall drivers only if you are certain.

  1. To run your PC in safe mode restart your PC, at the same time press the Shift key and then press the F8 key.
  2. You will see Windows “Blue Recovery Screen” here click on “See Advance repair Option
  3. Now Click on either the “Safe Mode” or “Safe mode With Command Prompt” option.
system thread exception not handled atikmdag.sys

Now run event viewer and follow the steps explained above.

Fix 2- Update BIOS if Needed

The incompatibility or memory conflict of basic input-output system namely BIOS is another cause of system thread exception not handled. You need to update your BIOS but this process requires some prior knowledge.

You can go to the manufacturer site and download the latest BIOS update. But before that, you must know what company’s motherboard you have and what’s the model number.

Hopefully, the command prompt has the ability to show you the necessary details about the motherboard. To run it,

  1. Press Windows + R key and type cmd hit enter.
  2. Run command prompt as an administrator.
  3. Type this command line wmic baseboard get manufacturer, product. Now you will get your motherboard manufacturer and model number.
system thread exception not handled windows 10 install

Now head toward the manufacturer’s site and download the BIOS file which is usually in .zip or .exe format. Follow the installation instruction of the manufacturer and you will get rid of system thread exceptions not handled in Windows 10.

Fix 3- Check Your Hardware Incompatibility

As already mentioned, if you have don Windows upgrade from 7 to 10 then you will see system thread exception not handled windows 10 quite often. It’s because Windows 7 specifications are a bit lower than the Win 10. When you install a more advanced OS on an old PC it will crash.

To see if your PC hardware is sufficient to run Windows 10 or 8 go to the Microsoft store and compare it.

Fix 4 – Disabling Hardware Acceleration in Browser and Flash

This is the last fix of system thread exception not handled windows 10 error. Apply these steps when blue screen error is happening more frequently. Each browser has different settings so,

To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type in chrome://flags in address bar and Enter.
  • Scroll down and navigate yourself to “GPU compositing on all pages“.
  • Select “Disabled” from the drop-down. It would be “Default” by default.
  • Click Relaunch Now. Chrome will close and restart.

To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Mozilla Firefox follow these steps:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Type in about:preferences#advanced in address bar.
  • Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available“.
  • Close and Restart Firefox.

To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Internet Explorer follow these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools > Internet Options
  • Select “Advanced” and under “Accelerated graphics“, check box “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering“.
  • Apply and OK.
  • Restart Internet Explorer.

If you apply these fixes you should be able to fix windows 10 system thread exception not handled stop code error. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion or idea, we’re all ears.

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