Blacktail – How to Unlock Skills

Blacktail is a story of a girl named “Yaga” who also happens to be the Witch in the Woods and as you play through the story of the game, you will get to know that she has powers that can be used against many things. Although, powers referred to skills and Blacktail also has the mechanic to unlock new skills for Yaga.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can unlock Skills in Blacktail.

How Skills Unlocked

Like all the other fantasy story-mode games, you will see that the skills are linked with a story or any other element that you have to get to unlock the locked skills. Well, in Blacktail the scenarios are the same and mostly all the basic skills of Yaga will be unlocked as you progress through the main story of the game. You will have to listen to “The Voice” and complete the main quests of the game to make progress in the Story which will trigger the Memory Attacks that will make Yaga use new Skills.

However, Yaga will be able to unlock other Skills that are linked to her basic skills like Deflect, Witch Apprentice, and many more that use Mana. Mana is the capacity that is used by special skills and regained after a certain moment. Yaga will be able to strengthen her skills along with Mana, HP, and other skills by brewing Potions.

How Potions are Brewed

As you make progress in the game, you will be brought to a Hut that Yaga used to see in her dreams. The Hut is magical and transparent that has a Cauldron in the middle which allows Yaga to brew Potion of different Skills. Brewing the Potion will allow Yaga to unlock more Skills, like crafting other arrows, or other Antidotes, or increase her space to store more resources.

Unlock new skills in cauldron - BlackTail

Potions are only brewed with specific resources at the Cauldron in the Hut so, if you have found the resources for a Skill that you want to equip, you will have to go to the Hut and brew the potion by interacting with the Cauldron. After that, your brewed Potion will unlock the Skill that can be equipped. All Skills require their own specific resources, so you do want to look for the Chest Beasts and Warden Treasures to gather the special resources that are required for skills.

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