Blacktail – What is Morality and How it Works

Blacktail is based on a story of a bright girl named “Yaga” who also happens to be the Witch in the Woods but the true nature of Yaga will depend on the players how they play the game. Blacktail has many mechanics and one of the mechanics that will derive the true nature of Yaga is Morality.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what morality is and how it works in Blacktail.

What is Morality

Morality is one of the most important mechanics as it derives the Good Nature or Bad Nature of Yaga, depending upon the actions of her in the wild as well as in the story. The nature will be derived on the basis of the Deeds. If the players have committed Good Deeds, then the Morality will derive the Good Nature of Yaga. If the players have committed Bad Deeds, then Morality will derive the Bad Nature of Yaga.

The Morality element also comes at the start of the game but it is not explained properly at the start so players will might take it for granted and choose any option. At the start, when Yaga start finding her sister (Zora), she will reach a place named “Red Oak” in the Black Forest where she will hear the strange voice who will ask her about Path. Players will get two choices of “The Path of Darkness” and “The Path of Light”. Choosing any one of them will trigger the first Morality act on Yaga, defining her nature.


How Morality Works

While exploring the Black Forest and going along the Story, Yaga will find different deeds where she can help or deny them. For example, helping the animals, finding the things for other characters, etc. If you help the others, the Morality’s Compass will move in the Good Nature and if you deny them or harm them, the Morality’s Compass will move in Bad Nature.

choices matter

Taking notice of your Morality is important because it will affect your skills and open new skills according to your Nature. If Yaga’s Moral Stance is Positive, it will help Yaga unlock positive Skills, If Yaga’s Moral Stance is Negative, it will unlock negative Skills. Yaga will also be judged at a certain place later in the game which will alter her Moral Stance so, you do have to keep an eye on Yaga’s Moral Stance to unlock the Skills you want.

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