How to change the playback speed on PotPlayer?

In PotPlayer, you have full control over the playback speed. To increase or decrease the speed of a video using PotPlayer, there are two options.

Option 1: Using Shortcuts

By default, two keyboard keys are responsible for changing playback speed in Potplayer.

  • Speed Up video: ‘C‘  increases video playback speed.
  • Speed Down video: ‘X‘ decreases video playback speed.

Option 2: Using Potplayer’s Control Panel

To change playback speed in Potplayer without using shortcuts, you can always click on the Control panel icon and in the Playback section you can set the playback speed to faster, slower, or default.

To open the control panel in PotPlayer press F7 as a shortcut key on the home screen of PotPlayer.

Change playback speed on Potplayer using Control Panel.
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