Elden Ring Bastard’s Stars is Insane Weapon – Stats And Location

Bastard's Stars is a melee armament found in Elden Ring.

Bastard’s Stars melee weapon (a Flail) in Elden Ring. The Elden Ring Bastard’s Stars give users strength, dexterity, and intelligence. If you are stuck between Elden Ring Bastard’s Stars or Waves of Darkness then choose Bastard’s Stars as it is a good weapon for intelligence-based builds.

Elden Ring Bastard’s Stars inflicts physical and magic damage in the form of strike attacks with the ability to use the unique skill (Nebula). To use Bastard’s Stars you are required to have strength 8, dexterity 22, Intelligence 22, and scales based on strength E, dexterity D, intelligence C, and stats.

Bastard’s Stars Stats

Based on Bastard’s Stars and the overall Base Stats we consider this Weapon an A-Tier choice. You can view all the Attack and Guard Stats for Bastard’s Stars below.

Bastard’s Stars Attack Stats

EPhysical Attack65TBD
CMagical Attack78TBD
FFire Attack0TBD
FLightning Attack0TBD
FHoly Attack0TBD
FAttack Crit100TBD

Bastard’s Stars Guard Stats

FPhysical Guard32TBD
DMagical Guard48TBD
FFire Guard24TBD
FLightning Guard24TBD
FHoly Guard24TBD
FGuard Boost20TBD

Where To Find Bastard’s Stars Location in Elden Ring

Bastard’s Stars in Elden Ring can be obtained from Enia. Below, we have explained the directions to get this Weapon:

  • First, travel to the Lake of Rot (this area becomes available during Ranni’s Questline)
  • Find and defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
  • Obtain the Remembrance of the Naturalborn from Astel
  • Trade the Remembrance of the Naturalborn with Enia to obtain the Weapon
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