God Of War PC Cheat Codes For PS3/PS4/Xbox

Are you looking for cheat codes for the game God of War on different consoles? Even though the game is quite old, it still has functional cheat codes that can be used to activate god mode, infinite health, unlimited orbs, and more.

This article will provide you with all the verified cheats that can be used in the game to improve your gameplay experience. Let’s begin.

God Of War PC Cheat Codes

The cheats for God Of War on PC for PS3 are as follows. It should be noted that there are currently no known cheats for the PS4 or Xbox versions as this game is older and the cheats are exclusive to the PS3 version.

God Of War PC Cheat Codes For PS3/ PS2

Listed are all the cheats of God Of War for PS 3 that you can use in-game to enhance your experience in the game.

Unlock Everything

Using Controller 2, enter the code in the main menu. The same code in the Power Up menu gives the other effect.

Gives all gear at MAX and Poseidon’s Trident (does not give all keys, feathers, or eyes)L3, R2, L2, R2, R1, L2, R1, L1, R2, Tri, R2, Tri
Unlocks Very Hard, Costumes and all TreasuresL3, R2, L2, R2, R1, L2, R1, L1, R2, Tri, R2, Tri


1. Infinite orbs

To perform the orb glitch in the Challenge of Atlas, proceed past the saw room and across the bridge. Once you reach the bottom of the tower, do not defeat the enemy there. Instead, move to the ladder near the wall, positioning yourself between the enemy and the ladder. Use the square, square, and triangle combo to take out the enemy above the ladder.

This should cause the enemy to fall to the ground and bounce back up, getting caught in the bounce. If done correctly, it will continuously release red orbs. Remain in this position for about 10 minutes to collect the maximum amount of orbs, which is 59,700 orbs or 199 full red bars.

2. Skip the conveyer belt area

To avoid the battle with harpies and arrows in the conveyor belt area before Pandora’s Box, upon entering the area, proceed only slightly past the entrance without activating the battle. Then walk as far left or right as possible without encountering a conveyor belt. Slowly walk forward towards the first pedestal while staying next to the conveyor belt. Climb on the pedestal and you will be able to proceed to Pandora’s Box without engaging in a battle.

The whole idea is that there is an area near the entrance where if you walk in it you will initiate the battle. By walking as close as you can to the edge you are not “tripping the trigger” per see.


Completion Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
A Secret RevealedBeat the game on Spartan Mode
Alternate costumes for KratosBeat the Challenge Of The Gods
Birth of the BeastBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Challenge of the GodsBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Character GraveyardBeat the game once (any difficulty)
CreditsBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Deleted LevelsBeat the game once (any difficulty)
God ModeBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Heroic PossibilitiesBeat the game once (any difficulty)
In-Game MoviesBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Monsters of MythBeat the game once (any difficulty)
Secret Message 1Beat the game on God Mode
The Fate Of The TitanBeat the game on God Mode
Visions of Ancient GreeceBeat the game once (any difficulty)

Easter Eggs

Secret Message 2

To reveal a secret message in the throne room at Olympus, use the Lance of the Furies (L1+Circle) to destroy the Ares and Minotaur statues. The message you will reveal is a scrambled telephone number. Simply read it from left to right to decipher it. Once you have the number, call it to hear a pre-recorded message describing your greatness or lack thereof.

Secret Number after you beat God Mode 

Upon defeating God Mode, you will receive a secret telephone number. This number is already unscrambled, so you can call it right away. By doing so, you’ll hear an intriguing side story about the fate of the final boss.

Sex Mini-game

At the beginning of Act 2, when you are inside your ship, you will find two women in your bed. If you jump on the bed, a circle will appear above it, indicating a mini-game. Press Circle to begin the game. The objective is to keep a vase from breaking as it shakes more and more with each round. You will be prompted to press buttons and rotate the Left Analog Stick. If you succeed, you will receive a large number of Red orbs for the first time and 5 more for each subsequent win.

Surrender Kratos Message

In the area outside the Temple of the Oracle where the Gravedigger is located, on the left ledge near a red orb chest, you will see a small firefly buzzing around. Press R2 near it. Then, quickly run to the highest mound of dirt where the Gravedigger is and press R2 again. Finally, run south across the bridge and stand between the two torches, pressing R2 one more time. If done correctly, the words ‘Surrender Kratos’ will appear written in cursive in the night sky.


Secret 2 EU Version

In the European version of God of War, you do not receive a telephone number scrambled up like in the American version. Instead, you receive a secret cutscene which is ensued after destroying the Ares & Minotaur statues.

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