How to Increase or decrease Brightness in PotPlayer

Here is a user guide to change the brightness of PotPlayer.

Are you watching videos on Potplayer in low brightness and PotPlayer brightness not working so you can increase it? Don’t worry, Potplayer has a built-in feature from which you can enhance, increase & decrease the brightness, contrast, and saturation, and can solve the color problem of the video.

Follow the instruction listed below to increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of a video.

  • Launch the PotPlayer and run the video you want to change the brightness settings.
  • On the lower right-hand corner, click on the settings icon or simply press F7 as a shortcut key on the home screen of Potplayer to go to the control panel.
  • A new window Control Panel will open.
  • On the top menu, Click on Video.
  • Here, you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and color of the video to your choice.
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