How to Increase Video Quality in PotPlayer

Do you want to increase video quality in PotPlayer and don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll guide you for a potplayer settings for best video quality.

How to Increase Video Quality in PotPlayer

To increase video quality in PotPlayer up to 4K, just follow the below steps one by one.

1- General Section

  • Open PotPlayer and click on three horizontal bars in the top left corner. After the menu opens, click on Preferences.
  • Firstly, Go to the General > Auto check for Update: change to > “Never” & Untick the “Auto download files if an update available“.
Go to the prefernces.
  • Now Go to the Multiple instances(5th option in general settings): change to > “Disable: Play files in existing PotPlayer instance“. Click on Ok.
Go to the multiple instances and

2- Filter Control Section

  • Go to Filter Control > Video Decoder and click on “Built-in Video Codec/DXVA Settings” & a new window will open.
Go to filter and then video decoder to change the quality of the video in the potplayer.
  • On the top of the new window, Tick the “Use DXVA” & Tick on “Prioritize D3D11 DXVA”.(If you’re using below Windows 10, then don’t Tick on “Prioritize D3D11 DXVA”).
  • On the right side of the new tab, go to MPEG4: Change to > “VLD(Bitstream Decoding)” & Click on OK.
Tick the DXVA and change the MPEG4 option.

3- Video Section

  • Go to the Video > Video Renderer: change to “Built-in Direct3D 11 Video Renderer“.( If you’re using below Windows 10, you can use D3D9 video renderer or EVR Custom perset instead of Built-in Direct3D 11 Video Renderer).
  • Go to Colorspace > YCbCr <-> RGB conv.matrix: change to > “ITU-R BT.709.
Change the setting to ITU-R BT.709

4- Audio Section

  • Go to Audio > Normalize/Freeveb > Uncheck the “Enable” > Click on “Apply“.
Uncheck the enable in Normalize in the audio section.

That’s it, you can watch videos now up to 4k video quality.

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