How To Print Text Messages From Phone (iPhone, Android, and Samsung)

Create a backup or print text messages to present as evidence in court.

You can find hundreds of methods about how to print text messages from the iPhone or iPad. We will explain the 3 most easy ways with which you can print series of iPhone text messages in one go.

In the current era, text messages on iPhone, iPad, and even on android have gained very important value. When you face civil or criminal litigation in court you can present print text messages from your iPhone in court or during the trial to strengthen your claim.

Now, most countries have amended their evidence laws and accept printed text messages for court proceedings. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone text messages out of order, the thing which really matters here is that you present the whole conversation.

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Hopefully, we will explain methods about how to print iPhone & Android text messages. This post will automatically answer the following topics.

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Find Out How To Print Text Messages From an iPhone and Android

There are 3 easy ways to print text messages from your iPhone 7/6s/6/5. Use any of these methods according to your likening.

how to print text messages from iphone

1. Take iPhone Screenshots

You can take iPhone screenshots of all text messages which you want to print. The part about this method is that this way you can show important details such as sender contact number, date, time. This information is very important especially for court or trial proceedings.

This way you can print more than one iPhone text message and then use this screenshot to print it via AirPrint printer. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the text message from iPhone which you want to take a print.
  2. Now once the conversation appears press the Power + Home button simultaneously at the same time.
  3. The flash will appear on the screen that means you have captured iPhone screenshots.
  4. Now save it to Photos and tap on done.
  5. Now go to Photos select the one you want to take print, tap, and hold until you see options, now tap on print.
  6. You can also send these iPhone screenshots to your email and then print text messages from iPhone 6 for court purposes.

2. Use Email or Mail App

Compared to the previous methods, this one involves a bit of physical work. In this way, you need to select each individual message one by one and then sent it using the iPhone mail app or standard email.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t show the time and date or the sender’s mobile number. The court doesn’t give much value to this type of proof, but you can still print text messages from your iPhone and present them before the court. To print text messages this way follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Message and open the conversation that you want to print.
  2. Now tap and hold on to the message that you want to print. You will see options select Copy. Here you can also select multiple messages.
  3. Now open the iOS Mail app on your device and open a new email. Again tap and hold on to the message body of the email to get various options. Select the Paste button to paste the text message you copied.
  4. Open an Email account from computer and print text messages.

This will solve your how-to print text messages from iPhone question but I will not recommend it because it’s a bit tedious boring and slow method.

3. Use Third Party Software

When you need to print long messages or a series of conversations, the previous methods will not help you a lot. Here you can get benefit from iPhone transfer software. These iPhone data transfer apps will help you save all text messages on one go.

You can also save text messages from iPhone in a PDF, HTML, and TEXT formats. most of them are totally free and safe to use. You can either use AnyTrans, iMazing or MobiMover. But we have tested anytrans manager for iPhone, android and cloud.

  1. Download AnyTrans and install it on your computer. Run it. Now from main homepage click on Device Tab and then choose Messages.
    how to print text messages from iphone for court
  2. You can choose PDF, html or text format of text messages with AnyTrans for Windows PC. Click on Settings to select the required format. Don’t forget to choose an Export Path and push the “Save” button.
    how to print text messages from iphone
  3. From the left side, select the contacts with text messages you want to print out. Then, click To PC/Mac button to export them to your computer.
  4. Finally, open the chosen folder to view the exported messages on your PC. Use the connected printer to print them.
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