River City Girls 2 How to Defeat Ken – Boss Fight

Kyoko and Misako are now being hunted by the goons and the family members of Yakuza due to the events taken in the previous game. Yakuza has sent out the world to eliminate the girls and girls will have to survive in the River City. As players will play along the story, they will encounter the first boss named “Ken” who was also in the previous game and now, he is back for taking revenge of his sister Sabuko. 

In this guide, we’ll explain you how you can defeat Ken in River City Girls 2.

Ken – Boss Fight

Ken Boss Fight will take place in the Cinema Hall in the Sports Store. Sports Store is located in the Food Court in the Crosstown area of River City. Food Court is on the bottom right side of Crosstown. Kyoko will have to make her way to the Cinema Hall by defeating all the goons in different scenes to take down Ken.

Ken has three health bars in total and he will significantly change his move set after his health bars starting to deplete. Although all of the moves of him are pretty basic and you just have to time them right to dodge and find an edge to deal damage to Ken.

How to defeat Ken

Ken starting moves are only punches and jumping around to avoid the damage that you are dealing. To take him down quickly, aggress him with combos at the start of the fight to deal a great damage to him. You can use your Heavy attacks as well to deal extra damage. He will jump far from you to avoid the damage and when you get close to him again, he will strike you with punches. These punches attacks are very to block. So, if you see him striking towards you, just press the block action key to block his attack.

After depleting the first health bar of Ken, he will jump on the stage and his bodyguards will come down with Barricades to block the stage from you. You cannot go up the stage because his Bodyguards will shoot machine guns at you. These fires cannot be blocked so you will have to stand under the Barricade that do not have a Bodyguard behind it.

Machine guns will rain fire in a straight line so it will not hit you and after the attacks of his bodyguards are finished, Ken will come back in the fight with new move set. The previous attacks of him will remain the same although he will now be calling his Bodyguards for help when you deplete his HP. Just repeat the fighting techniques to deal him damage and if you see him crouching and calling for help, it means his Bodyguards are coming.

fighting ken

You will see them running toward Ken from the opposite side and as they will run across you, they will deal damage so, you can block the attack by jumping over them or moving out of the way or you can also just hold down the block button until they have crossed. They will take Ken with them, and Ken will start to throw Grenades at you position.

You will see a Target marker of Blue Color and you need to get out of the range of the marker because in the next second, Ken will throw the grenade and the target marker will turn red and the Grenade will explode. He will do that three to four times and then come back to the fight. Aggress towards him and use the combos to deplete his second HP bar as well.

Once again, Ken’s Bodyguards will show up on the stage with Machine Guns so, make your way under the barricade that do not have any bodyguard behind it to avoid the fire attacks. After that, Ken will come back in the fight and now, he will be shooting with his gun as well. He will shoot his gun in all direction so you will have to move around to dodge the bullets.

The bullets cannot be blocked so try to find a gap between the bullets and dodge the fire attack. He will also be calling his Bodyguards so watch out for that as well other than that, you just have to repeat your combo technique with Heavy attack to deplete his HP completely and you will Knock Ken out. 

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