How To Set Up Windows 10 Metered Connection (2021 Guide)

Setting up a Windows 10 metered connection to limit/monitor your internet usage comes in handy when you are traveling or using a limited internet. Windows has enabled its users to set their connection as a metered easily. The following Guide is all about instructing you on how to set up a metered internet connection in Windows 10 and answering frequently asked questions at the end.

What is a Metered Connection?

A metered connection on Windows 10 means Windows would track the amount of data used. Hence, you’d know how much data you have consumed if you are using a limited internet plan. A metered connection has another benefit. It stops Windows from updating automatically without turning them off manually. Background data usage from services Windows Modules Installer Worker like will also be automatically limited by Windows and current downloads will be paused.

Method 1: Set as Windows 10 Metered Connection Using WiFi

  • Click on the WIFI button in Windows taskbar(Bottom Right)
  • Select the Wifi you are connected to
current connected wifi
  • Right-click on the selected and click on “Properties”
wifi properties
  • Scroll to find Metered connection
metered connection
  • Toggle to set your connection as “Metered Connection”
windows 10 metered connection toggled

Method 2: Set as Metered Connection Using Ethernet

This is a little lengthier process but still managed to turn on Win 10 metered connection.

  1. Click Start> Type Regedit and click Yes in the dialogue box opened.
    windows 10 metered connection - regedit
  2. Copy and Paste the following path:Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\  DefaultMediaCost
    Or Follow this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > NetworkList > DefaultMediaCost.
    windows 10 metered connection
  3. Then click Permissions after right-clicking DefaultMediaCost in the right-hand sidebar. In the new window, under the security button click Advanced.
    windows 10 metered connection
  4. Near to TrustedInstaller at the top of the window, you need to click on the change link. In the empty white box, type administrators. Then click Check Names that will reveal the exact names are; auto-completing it. Click OK.
    windows 10 metered connection
  5. Check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” at the top of the previous Window that appears. Click on the Apply button and then OK.
    windows 10 metered connection
  6. Go back to the Permissions Window. In the list of “Groups or Users” displayed at the top, Go to the Administrators group. Click it and check the “Allow” box parallel to Full Control. Click on the Apply button and then OK
    windows 10 metered connection
  7. Lastly, change the value data to 2 from 1 in the previous(main) Window after double clicking the Ethernet. 2 here means a metered connection while 1 the opposite. You would need to Restart your PC
    windows 10 metered connection

By now, you’d have learned to set a metered connection in Windows 10. And if you follow the steps oppositely you would know how to turn off metered connection Windows 10.

Is A Metered Connection Safe?

Metred Connection doesn’t play any role in making your existing connection or your system more or less secure from any sort of malware or malicious activity. It’s all about turning the existing connection noting down how much internet is being consumed while making efficient use of your internet so your plan doesn’t expire soon. A good way to remain secure is to only connect with known Wi-Fi networks.

When To Use A Metered Connection?

There are a number of situations where you can limit your internet CPU Usage. Some of these situations can be:

  • A limited internet plan.
  • An internet plan that charges you per MB.
  • Travelling and using expensive internet service of your hotel.
  • Sharing your internet through a Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Using the Internet from someone who has a limited internet plan.
  • Windows 10 metered connection can be used to achieve higher speed if you have a slow internet connection don’t want to manually turn updates off/background activity.

When Not To Use A Metered Connection?

There are situations in which it’s not advisable to set up a metered connection. Using it all the time will make your Windows not remain updated and you can be more likely to get a malicious attack while the overall performance will also have a decrease.

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