Spacebar Not Working on Windows 10


This article below provides a complete solution to fix spacebar not working on windows 10.

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Solution 1 – Check Sticky Keys Feature to fix Spacebar Not Working

Do the following to disable the Sticky Keys Feature:

  • Press Windows key + I key together to open the settings window.
  • Click ‘Ease of Access’.
  • On the left pane, click Keyboard.
  • Check the icon of the Sticky key. If it’s on, set it to be off.

This should fix Spacebar not working error.


If not, then continue troubleshooting.

Solution 2 – Roll back the Previous Version of the Keyboard Driver

You can get your spacebar to work if you bring back the previous version of the driver.

Usually, sometimes the latest driver may be causing trouble for your keyboard. Hence, we can try to reinstall the previous version of the keyboard driver in order to fix the spacebar not working on the windows 10 issue.

  • Press Windows logo key + X together to open quick-access menu.
  • Click on ‘Device Manager’.
  • On the appearing window, find and expand keyboards dialog. Right click your keyboard software and choose Properties.
  • Tap on the Drive pane on the top.
  • Next, click ‘roll back driver icon’.
  • If incase the icon is greyed out, you can always choose to download the driver of an earlier version from your keyboards manufacturer’s website.

Solution 3 – Perform a Clean Install for your Keyboard driver

If installing the previous version of the keyboard driver does not unlock the spacebar on your keyboard then it is important for you to try this:

  • Follow the above step 1 and 2 in solution 2 to open the device manager and locate your keyboard driver.
  • Right-click on your keyboard driver. Then choose Uninstall device.

Reboot your Windows 10 or Windows 7 or 8 to fix spacebar on your laptop or computer.

Solution 4 – Scan your System for Malware to fix Spacebar Not Working in Windows 10

Malware can sometimes cause several problems in your system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to run a diagnostic tool for scanning your system for malware and viruses.

If there is no malware you can always try another method to fix spacebar not on windows 10 problem.

If there is no malware, you can resort to another method to fix Spacebar not working on Windows 10 problem.


Solution 5 – Update the Keyboard Driver

Updating the keyboard driver is one of the best ways to resolve a stuck spacebar.

  • Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box.
  • Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in there and hit enter to open Device Manager.
  • Expand keyboards then right-click on Standard PS/2 keyboard and select update driver.
update driver software standard PS2 Keyboard
  • Next, select ‘search automatically for updated driver software’ and wait for Windows to automatically install the latest driver.
Spacebar Not Working on Windows 10 (Workable Solution)
  • Restart your PC and see if the problem is settled.
  • If not, continue.
  • Go back to Device manager and right-click on the Standard PS/2 keyboard and select update driver.
  • This time select ‘Browser my computer for driver software’.
  • On the appearing screen, click on ‘let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer’.
  • Next, select the latest drivers from the list and click Next.
  • Restart your PC to save changes and see if you have fixed spacebar not working on windows 10 issue.

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