What is a Keyboard Tester and How to Use it

Instantly check if your keyboard keys are working or not.

The Keyboard Tester is a handy utility software that tests whether all keys on your keyboard are working properly. Read on to learn more about this useful troubleshooting tool.

What is a Keyboard Tester?

A keyboard tester is a software program that displays a virtual on-screen keyboard and lets you press different keys to check if they are registered by the computer. 

It diagnoses keyboard issues like stuck, unresponsive, or improperly functioning keys.

The interactive interface of a keyboard testing tool enables you to test every single key and detect any problems. 

It highlights the virtual keys on the screen as you press the corresponding physical keys on your keyboard. 

This allows you to easily test all kinds of keys, including letters, numbers, punctuation, function keys, arrow keys, numpad, and more.

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Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the useful features and advantages of using a keyboard testing application:

Tests All Keyboard Keys

The on-screen keyboard displays all kinds of keys, including alphanumeric keys, punctuation, function keys, Windows keys, menu keys, arrows, numpad, etc. 

You can press each key individually to ensure it is working properly.

Detects Stuck or Dead Keys

If a key press does not register on the on-screen keyboard, it indicates an issue with that key, like a stuck key or dead key. The tool easily identifies any unresponsive keys.

Checks Key Combinations

You can test key combinations like Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab, Shift+Arrow keys, etc. to see if they perform their intended functions.

Portable and Platform Independent

Many keyboard testers are portable apps that can be run from a USB drive on any Windows PC without installation. Being platform-independent, they work on different versions of Windows.

Lightweight Software

Such tools are very lightweight and resource-friendly. They do not slow down your computer while running in the background.

Free to Use

Most keyboard testing utilities are completely free to download and use. This allows anyone to troubleshoot keyboard issues without spending money.

How to Use a Keyboard Testing Tool

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a keyboardtester to check for issues:

Step 1: View On-Screen Keyboard

You will see a virtual keyboard exactly resembling your physical keyboard layout. Letters, numbers, function keys, and other keys will be visible.

Step 2: Press Keys Individually

Now start pressing keys one by one on your actual keyboard. As you press each key, watch the on-screen keyboard to see if the same key highlights on the virtual interface.

Step 3: Check All Keys

Be sure to thoroughly test every key on your keyboard, including modifier keys like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows, etc.

Step 4: Try Key Combinations

Test key combinations like Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, etc. To see if they work correctly.

Step 5: Look for Stuck Keys

Pay attention to any keys that do not register or remain highlighted on screen even after you release them. These could be potential stuck keys requiring cleaning.

Step 6: Note Problem Keys

If you find any unresponsive, stuck, or improperly working keys, make a note of those keys. This will help you in getting the keyboard fixed or replaced.


The Keyboard Tester is an invaluable, free system utility that helps diagnose keyboard problems quickly. 

With its virtual on-screen keyboard and interactive interface, you can easily find stuck, defective, or improperly functioning keys that need cleaning or replacement. 

It saves the hassle and cost of taking your keyboard to the repair shop for simple issues. Most keyboard testers are portable, platform-independent, and easy to use. So download one today and ensure your keyboard is in top working condition!

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