Fix: Windows Update Service Not Running in Windows 10/8/7

Remaining updated is the foremost thing in the 21st century. When the process stops in our PCs saying that Windows Update Service not running. You need to panic as remaining updated also means remaining secure.

You don’t need to waste time over this little issue as we have a comprehensive solution for you to fix the Windows Update Service errors on Windows 7 or 8. The error exactly says ” Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running “. So let’s get started on our guide on how to fix Win Update Service not running issue.

Solutions to Why is Windows Update Service Not Running

[ 5 Ways to Fix ] Windows Update Service Not Running Issue

1. Update Drivers

Updating Device drivers can help you fix Windows Update Service not running issue. There is a possibility that your device has not been updated and Windows is encountering difficulty and eventually producing an error in updating it.

2. Troubleshooter
Windows Update Service Not Running in Windows 10/8/7

A built-in help is provided by windows to identify and fix problems you encounter using Windows 10. It comes in handy when an unexpected error arrives.

To open Troubleshooter:

  • You need to type “troubleshoot” in start and troubleshooting will appear in your search results.
  • Under System and Security, you need to click on “Fix Problems with Windows Update”
  • You will be asked to carry on with a certain instruction that you need to follow
  • After this, run the Windows Update.

3. Malware/Virus

Check for any malicious activity or software in your PC that is causing the Win Update Service from not running. To do this you can run a Malicious Software Tool, or scan your PC with Windows Defender. Good anti-virus and a PC cleaner can help you stay away from such problems.

4. Install KB3102810  Update

To fix Windows Update Service not running issue, you need to install KB3102810 stand-alone security update in your PC. This method is to fix Windows 7 Update Service not running issue.

  • Download and Install by clicking here
  • Restart Your PC
  • Stop the currently ongoing process of Windows Update.
  • Type services.msc in the dialog box opened after pressing Window key + R
  • Scroll to Windows Update Service, Right-click, and click stop.
  • Delete the Software Distribution Folder
  • Go to My Computer / My PC
  • Navigate to C:Windows
  • Delete the software distribution folder
  • Restart your PC again and let it now check for updates for at least 45 minutes.

5. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver.

To update, you need to install the newest Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (Intel RST).

These are the 5 methods that have actually worked. Users also have verified and reported that the solutions have fixed the Windows Update Service not running issue on their Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 systems. Tell me about your experiences in the comments section below!

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