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Manage multiple games of Minecraft for free
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Dec 09, 2021
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0.6.14 (32/64-bit)
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Manage multiple games of Minecraft for free

MultiMC is an alternative to Minecraft Launcher that enables you to manage multiple games in Minecraft with their separate instances, texture packs, resources, mods, and saves. MutiMC allows you to manage associated options for each Minecraft game with a simple and powerful user interface.

The reason why this is so great is that it allows you to have multiple versions of Mine craft open at once with different mod setups if you so, please. When we compare this to other similar programs, they just do not have the same functionality that MultiMC has. On top of the above features, there are many other features too!

Download MultiMC latest version offline installer setup for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP PC. You can install MultiMC on your 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Click to grab the full version from our fast and secure downloading server for free.

MultiMC Minecraft Launcher Download

Minecraft, by Mojang, is an extremely popular game where players can explore, build and destroy virtual worlds made of cubic blocks. Players can choose to play the game in Creative mode, which allows them to build freely without limits, or to play Survival mode where they have to gather resources and craft items in order to survive difficult conditions. Other modes are available as well such as Hardcore where players only have one life and no saves are allowed; and Spectator mode which allows the player to fly around and see the world from the eyes of other players in real time.

If you play Minecraft, you must be looking for better and easy ways to play multiple Minecraft games is a single PC. Well, the MultiMC launcher offers the best solution to play Minecraft and manage multiple games on a single PC without losing anything.

The MultiMC is a useful program to play Minecraft and you can’t beat the fact that it’s free. It helps if Minecraft freezes and allows you to share all Minecraft instances that you have with anyone.

MultiMC Top Features and Highlights

  • Manage multiple isolated instances of Minecraft, keeping them clean.
  • Drill into the details – see the logs, mods, and everything else easily.
  • No surprises – MultiMC aims to stay predictable and do what you tell it to do.
  • Fine control over Java settings and runtimes. Each instance has settings overrides that you can enable on top of the global settings.
  • MultiMC game logs come with extra information that helps diagnose problems, and they are color-coded.
  • Support for running old versions the way they were released, instead of relying on compatibility hacks.
  • Kill Minecraft easily if it crashes/freezes.
  • MultiMC is extremely lightweight, enabling it to run in the background and keep an eye on the game even on ancient machines where every megabyte of memory matters.
  • Easy installation of common mod loaders – Forge, Fabric, and LiteLoader (and likely more incoming).
  • Minecraft world and resource/texture pack management.
  • Import and export Minecraft instances to share them with anyone.
  • Import modpacks from many platforms – CurseForge, Technic, AT, and FTB (both legacy and new). The more, the merrier.

Multimc Microsoft Account Support – Does MultiMC work with Microsoft Account?

The answer is yes! If you have a Microsoft account you can log in to the MultiMC Minecraft launcher using your Microsoft Account.

Once you migrate your account from Mojang to Microsoft, you can add the Microsoft account in MultiMC and it will replace the Mojang account.

How to use the MutiMC Minecraft launcher?

If you’re tired of Minecraft’s default launcher, it’s time to learn how to use Mutimc to get more control over your world. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to access options that you never knew existed! For example, you can change the location where Minecraft saves your game files, increase the maximum number of worlds that you can have open at once, or change the language that the game uses without having to reinstall it!

Is MultMC Safe to Use?

Yes! Multimc is a 1005 safe and secure game launcher for Minecraft. Thousands of Minecraft players already using this launcher without any issues.

MultiMC  Latest Version 0.6.14 (32/64-bit) Update

Microsoft accounts

The account system now refreshes accounts in the background while the application is running.

  • GH-4071: Errors encountered while refreshing account tokens no longer always result in the tokens expiring:
    • Network errors encountered when refreshing the main account tokens result in the account being Offline.
    • Hard errors are produced by the main tokens becoming provably invalid.
    • Errors encountered later are treated as Soft - they do make the account unusable, but still recoverable by trying again.
    • Soft errors are treated as Hard errors when adding the account initially.

In general, this should make MultiMC much more forgiving towards various temporary and non-fatal errors.

  • GH-4217: Added support for GamePass accounts and Minecraft profile setup:
    • The new endpoint for logging in with Microsoft is now used (/launcher/login), enabling compatibility with GamePass.
    • Game ownership is checked instead of only relying on Minecraft profile presence.
    • Accounts can now be added even when they do not have a profile.
    • The launcher should guide you through selecting a Minecraft name if you don't have one yet.

Modpack platform changes

  • GH-4055: MultiMC now tries to avoid downloading multiple files to the same path for FTB mod packs.

  • Search as you type is now used for FTB.

  • GH-4185: The version of the mod pack is now included in the name of the instance by default.

  • The mod pack platform UIs now include text field clear buttons.

Other changes

  • Adjusted warnings about Java runtime required for Minecraft 1.18 (it's not Java 16, it's Java 17).

  • GH-3490: Instance sorting is now aware of numbers (and sorts 99 before 100).

  • GH-4164: Reimplemented assigning instances to groups using drag & drop.

  • GH-1795: Added terminal launch option to use a specific Minecraft profile (in-game player name).

    Used like this:

    ./MultiMC --launch 1.17.1 --profile MultiMCTest --server
  • GH-4227: Fix crash related to invalid Forge mod metadata.

  • GH-4200: Search for the Eclipse Foundation and Adoptium Java runtimes in the Windows Registry.

  • Added shader packs page to instances.

  • Removed Mojang services status information from the main window - the status is no longer provided by Mojang.

  • It is now possible to turn off global tracking of playtime.

Technical changes

  • Debranding is mostly finished. You may see some changes in the logo being used in fewer places.