Origins – Minecraft Mod 1.9.0
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Change the way you play Minecraft by giving your characters special origins
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May 21, 2023
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Minecraft (v1.19.4) + Fabric
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Do you wish that your Minecraft character had a specific origin that gave them specific strengths or weaknesses? Origins Mod is the answer to this question, it does this by giving your Minecraft character an origin taken from the creatures and concepts in-game. This mod is compatible with Fabric and QuiltMC.

The mod lets players choose their background, race, and special abilities. Instead of just being a regular human character, you can be an Arachnid, Avian, Feline, Merling, Blazeborn, or Phantom. Each race has unique traits that can be useful or not so useful. This adds a fun role-playing element to the game and makes it more immersive.

You can start a new adventure with your chosen race and use your special abilities to overcome challenges and explore the Minecraft world. Don’t be afraid to be different and make your game more exciting by being someone special and unique.

Each origin in the mod comes with its own set of powers and weaknesses/drawbacks. The player is free to choose from any of the 9 available options. If those aren’t enough you can create a custom one with powers and drawbacks of your own choice.

Mod Features

  • Choose from a variety of different origins, each with its own unique abilities and drawbacks.
  • Gain special abilities and powers based on your origin.
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles that would be impossible with a different origin.
  • Explore the world in a whole new way.
  • Add or remove (existing) powers to your favorite origin.

Mod Options

  • Enderian: Inspired by the Enderman entity, gives the power of teleportation but damage when in contact with water.
  • Merling: Provides the ability to swim faster and to breathe underwater at the cost of limited breath when out of water.
  • Phantom: As the word implies gives the powers of a Phantom. Players can move through blocks and be invisible but take damage in daylight.
  • Elytrian: Inspired by the Elytra creature. Players have intrinsic wings and can fly but take more Kinetic damage and are weak when in tight spaces.
  • Arachnid: Inspired by the spiders in Minecraft this origin grants the player the ability to climb walls. The downside is they only eat meat.
  • Shulk: Gives powers related to inventory like additional slots and items in these additional slots don’t drop on death but the player exhausts quicker.
  • Blazeborn: As the name implies makes the player immune to lava and fire but the game starts in the Nether world and you take damage from water.
  • Avian: Grants the ability to glide and be a bit quicker than other ones. The downside is that you can’t eat meat items.
  • Feline: Inspired by cats the feline origin grants immunity to fall damage, higher jumps, etc. The drawback is that you mine fewer stones and have fewer HP points.
  • Human: Default Minecraft character with no special abilities and no drawbacks.

If these aren’t enough for you then you can also find extra options for the mod on Curseforge and Modrinth.

Requirements to run Origins Mod:

How to Download & Install Origins Mod:

  • Ensure that Java is installed.
  • Since this mod works with Fabric make sure that you have both Fabric Loader and Fabric API installed.
  • Get the Origins Mod download and you will see a *.jar file.
  • Move this *.jar file into the location Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your PC Name) > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > mods.
  • Launch the game but beforehand ensure that the game you’re launching is the Fabric version.
  • Enjoy the mod.


In-Game ActionDefault Keybind
Active Power (Primary)G
Active Power (Secondary)(Unbound) Can be set in the game’s settings
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Origins – Minecraft Mod Latest Version 1.9.0 Update

[O] marks changes in Origins
[A] marks changes in the underlying Apoli version. ## Additions
[O] Added Ukrainian translation (thanks BiFT#3428 on Discord)
[A] New power type: `grounded`
[A] New entity actions: `grant_advancement`, `revoke_advancement`, `selector_action`
[A] New block action: `area_of_effect`
[A] New damage condition: `in_tag`
[A] Global powers