How to Get All Genji Equipment Set in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion

Where can I find all Crisis Core best accessories Genji’s Set? In FF7 – Reunion there many legendary Materia and Accessories that players can get by completing through the main missions as well as the side quests. Different Genji Accessories can also be found in the Chests as well in the missions. However, one of the legendary set of Accessories is Genji Equipment i.e. Genji Armor Set.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to get all Genji best Accessories in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – (FF7) Reunion.

Here are all the best Genji Accessories

There is a total of four Genji Equipment that players can found in the game but to get all of them players will have to complete all the missions and gather multiple things. The Genji Equipment are the following.

1. Genji Armor Set

Crisis Core Genji Armor set will require you to get all the Character Portraits and complete 100% of DMW. You can see your DMW progression in the Main Menu. The Genji Armor has the ability to set the limit of Zack to 99,999. It also activates the status of Endure and Regen.

Crisis Core Genji Armor Set -best accessories ff7 remake

2. Genji Glove

Genji Glove can be equipped from a chest in the Chapter 9: Great Cavern of Wonders. You will have to unlock the mission named “Biomechanical Threats” which is the 4th mission of “Doors to Unknown”. Once you have unlocked the mission 9-6-4, you will be able to find the Genji Glove in the chest at the start of the mission. Go up the rock and you will find a chest at the edge of the rock platform. Open the chest to get the Genji Glove.

FF7 Reunion Genji Glove

3. Genji Helm

Genji Helm cannot be found in any mission, but it can be bought from the Shop. You will have to unlock the Shop named “Online Shop Shade”. It is unlocked by completing the mission 9-5-4 (Abnormal Power). Once you have completed the mission, go to the main menu and go into the shop. The last shop will be Online Shop Shade in which you will see Genji Helm priced for 1,000,000 Gil. Make sure that you have enough funds to buy the Genji Helm. Confirm the purchase to get the Genji Helm.

Genji Helm Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7

4. Genji Shield

Genji Shield is the most tough one to get as it requires certain actions to be performed. You will need to encounter a Magic Pot in mission 7-6-6 (The Determined Recruiter) which is very rare. It can be spawn in any battle location in the mission so you will have to run around in the mission to see if the Magic Pot appears or not. If not, then they can escape the battle to see if it spawns in the next one.

However, it is not only enough to kill the Magic Pot, but you will also have to perform certain moves on it to get the Genji Shield. You must have the following Materia to use on Magic Pot.

  • Gil Toss
  • Costly Punch
Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion  Genji Shield

You will have to use the Gil Toss and deal 99,999 Critical Damage to Magic Pot and then perform the Limit Break named “Octaslash”. Once you complete all the requirements, you will get the Genji Shield.

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