DMW System Explained – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is a remaster of original Crisis Core with a lot of changes. The remaster version has updated graphics along with a new combat system. It is designed for the players to re-dive into the game and master all new combat system. The Combat system revolves around a mechanic named DMW which was also in the original game but it is completely different than the original one.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how the DMV works in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

What is DMW?

DMW is a fundamental aspect of the combat system in Final Fantasy games that is most likely to be identified by the Final Fantasy players. It is a Digital Mind Wave (DMV) which looks more like a slot machine but it will only activate when you take part in the battles. The Digital Mind Wave is a representation of Zack’s emotions and memories during combat but if you look through the gameplay perspective, it is used to make fights more interesting and fun for the players. The DMV allows players to get more Status Buffs, Summons, Limit Breaks, and much more during the battle.

What are Spinning Slots?

There are two sets of slots that are spinning when you get into a battle. One set of slots is spinning the numbers and the other set of slots is spinning the character portraits. The player has no direct control over the slots so they are all random. Throughout your battle, they will be spinning and bringing various results every time. When a spin results in either three matching character portraits or three matching numbers, the player will be awarded with something.

Crisis Core Spinning SLots

Whenever player enters a battle area, the spinning will start and as Zack is fighting with the enemies, he will get different sorts of Buffs. However, if you escape through the battle area, the DMW will close and spinning will stop. There is no way to stop the slots on your desired numbers or character portrait so you will have to stay in the fight to get random buffs and finish the battle area.

Rewards of DMW

Whenever the spinning stops, it will reward player with a useful but temporary buff. The Status Buffs will allow Zack to deal more damage or tank more damage in the battle, making easy for the players to slay the beasts. However, DMW not only rewards with Status Buffs, it also allows Zack to enable the use of Limit Breaks, summoning an Ally into the Battle, and even increasing Zack’s Level.

Rewards of DMW

The Limit Breaks mechanic allow Zack to unleash his super powerful attack in a cutscene when three Character Portraits are matched. The Limit Breaks will not be applied automatically but the players will have to press the designated key to perform the Limit Breaks action. Summoning of an Ally also works in the same way as the Limit Breaks. When the three Character portraits are matched and there is a summoning symbol on the character portraits, Zack will be able to summon an ally by pressing down the designated keys.

What is SP?

As you fight the foes, you will get different items but one item will be common and it is SP. So, basically the SP is a resource that is used by DMW and Materia Fusion. SP stands for Soldier Points and you will get these points by slaying the enemies in the battles. Each role of DMW costs 10 SP but worry not because from each battle, you will be getting more SP than it has been spent. However, if you spend all of your SP in Materia Fusion then it might become an issue because if you run out of SP or don’t have enough SP, the DMV will stop spinning during the battles.

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