Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion How to Get Tonberry Summon


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion has the summon mechanics same as the original game but with more advanced graphics and one of the funniest summon in the original game was Tonberry summon which is also a Chocobo Mode. However, the remaster version of the original game also allows players to summon chocobo mode once they have unlocked the Tonberry Summon in the DMW list.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Tonberry Summon in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

What is Tonberry Summon

Tonberry is a creature that players can fight by engaging with them in a combat but these creatures are very calm. However, players can get the summon of this creature and then get a chance of using it in the Chocobo Mode whenever the DMW rolls out three Tonberry portraits. Chocobo Mode is same as the Limit Breaks where your character does his super powerful moves on the enemies but in Chocobo Mode, Tonberry will kill off the enemy in a funny animation. It was super popular in the original game and the franchise has kept it in the remaster version as well.

Requirement to Get Tonberry Summon

In order to get the Tonberry Summon, it is necessary to unlock Tonberry Quests mission which is unlocked in Chapter 10: Mysteries of the World. However, you can unlock the Tonberry Quests by killing off the Tonberry in chapter 2. To do that, you need to progress in the story and unlock chapter 2 which will also unlock the 6th category of missions which is called “Looking for items”. You have to play through the first four missions to unlock the mission 6-1-5 (Buried in the Caverns).

Mission 6-1-5 (Buried in the Caverns)

Once you have unlocked the mission, start the mission and before you get to complete the mission, go to the right side and up the rock platform to engage in a fight with Tonberry. This Tonberry is a fixed spawn so you can fight him whenever you are passing through here. Use the Gravity magic to deal great damage to him and kill him easily. After that, you need to simply complete the mission. By doing this, you will unlock the mission 10-2 which is the Tonberry Quests.

Getting Tonberry Summon

After unlocking the Tonberry Quests mission series, you will have to play through the missions to unlock the mission 10-2-3 (Master Tonberry). Once you have unlocked this mission, you will be able to take down the Master Tonberry in this mission which will result in unlocking the Tonberry image in the DMW. Master Tonberry also takes more damage from Gravity so make sure to use Gravity on him and when you get low on MP, just use the strike of your Soldier Sword to kill Master Tonberry.

Fighting Master Tonberry

However, Master Tonberry does have 40,000 HP so it will take some time because you will run out of the MP quickly and you can get lucky if you get the MP buff from the DMW in the fight. Master Tonberry also disappear during the fight and can appear right next to you so make sure to keep pressing the dodge button to dodge his attacks when he disappears.

Rewards for Defeating Master Tonberry

After you have defeated Master Tonberry in mission 10-2-3, you will be rewarded with Tonberry’s Knife which will then add Tonberry image to the DMW. After that, you will be able to summon Tonberry in Chocobo Mode whenever you get three Tonberry in the character portrait slots during the combat.

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