How To Fix Callisto Protocol Stuck on Loading Screen on PC? Game is Not Starting?

Callisto Protocol is taking forever just to load on PC! Here's a fix

For most players, Callisto Protocol is stuck on the loading screen, and it will not move forward. If you are also facing this issue of the screen being blank for over 40 minutes, then we have got you covered for this error.

No player has got extra 40 minutes to devote to loading the page and not even playing the game. Most players look for windows updates, verify files, and buy SSD to resolve space issues. However, following these steps does not solve the issue of the screen not loading in most cases.

How To Fix Callisto Protocol Stuck on Loading Screen

Follow the fixes mentioned below to get rid of Callisto Protocol Stuck on Loading Screen & enjoy a smoother experience.

Disable Overlay Apps

Disabling overlay apps will solve the game stuck on loading page issue, as these apps running in the background require space and resources in the PC resulting in lags and stutters. To fix this, follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Disable Discord Overlay

  • Launch Discord App > Gear Icon
  • App Settings > Overlay > Turn on Enable in-game overlay
  • Reboot PC

How To Disable Xbox Gamebar

  • Windows + I > Windows Settings
  • Click Gaming > Game Bar >   Turn off record game clips and screenshots

How To Disable Nvidia GeForce Experience

  • Launch Nvidia GeForce Experience > Settings
  • General tab > Disable in-game overlay
  • Restart PC to apply the changes

Change the Launch Option in Steam

To fix the infinite loading screen issue while playing Callisto Protocol you need to change the launch settings in steam.

Open Steam > Library > Calisto Protocol > Properties > General > Under launch settings type -popupwindow.

Update to Direct x 11

The next time you play the game, try to switch to Direct x 11, which will enable you to load the game in 10 seconds as compared to 40 minutes or 20 minutes. Switching to Direct x 11 is one of the easiest fixes to the issue of the game not loading.

Stop using Third Party AntiVirus

An easy fix for this loading issue is to look for any third-party AV that you are using to detect viruses in your PC. In most cases, these third-party AVs intervene with the game files and result in the game being stuck on the loading page. Try to look for this third part of AV and immediately stop using it.

Update Oculus App

Updating the Oculus app is one way that solves the issue for a lot of players. Although the fix might sound bizarre to many players, this is where the issue lies in most cases. Try updating the oculus app and then launching the game. You will not only be able to solve the loading screen but will enjoy a smooth gameplay experience overall.

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