WhatsApp Web | What to do with a QR code from Web.Whatsapp.com?

WhatsApp Web, the best messenger, and everyone’s favorite app are offered both on phone and on (WhatsAppWeb) PC too. Android / WhatsApp has got billions of downloads, and with constant updates, it keeps on fixing bugs. Additionally, new features are rolled in like the delete message option and now the forwarded indication.

You can go to web.whatsapp.com to use WhatsApp for web online. A better choice is to download WhatsApp for PC app to enjoy all the amazing features of the Web WhatsApp. All you have to scan the QR code. Some users wonder, What’s the Web WhatsApp QR code? Well, it’s simply a set of binary data that WhatsApp recognizes and is unique as well.

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What to do with a QR code from web.whatsapp.com?

This is the most simple task, all you need is to the options on your phone. Here you will see”WhatsApp Web“. Clicking on it will open a scanner from which you will scan the QR code either the web.whatsapp.com or the app.

The process is the same, and you will then see that the device you scanned will be added to your phone. WhatsApp for Web will become functional on your PC too.

To use WhatsApp for the web you need to have an account too.

How to create a WhatsApp Web account to access whatsapp.web.com?

Creating a WhatsApp account is a simple task, as you will need WhatsApp on your phone. Phone Number is usually picked, or you can enter. WhatsApp will confirm it, and ask for your email address to create a backup of all your Data. Then you need to pick a name, a display picture, and a bio if you want. You can also use Multiple Whatapp Accounts on a single device.

WhatsAppWeb Hidden features – Tips and tricks
whatsapp.web.com - web.whatsapp

  • Recover Deleted Messages

    Make Sure your data is backed up, reinstalling the app will reveal the deleted messages on the web WhatsApp too.
  • Group Conversations

    Find out who has read your messages while communicating in a group by pressing(Phone) or hovering(WebWhatsApp / Whatsapp.web) on your message and going to Message info.
  • Privacy

    You can limit who can see your display picture, bio, and even your last seen in WhatsApp.

  • Save Data

    Go to settings and then Data Usage where you can limit images and videos to be downloaded on wifi only. You can also enable low data usage.

web.WhatsApp is available for all sorts of PCs, and it’s also supported on Android / iOS / BlackBerry, and Windows Phones.

This completely free messenger has helped you communicate and transfer not only images but also videos, pdfs, and nearly every sort of file on the WhatsAppweb too. Sending an image will cause compression which is both good(fast transfer) and bad(loses quality).

Now it’s Your Turn!

Don’t forget to ask questions or any further advice you require on how to add a WhatsAppweb QR code to your phone.

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