Fix: Logitech G HUB Stuck On Loading/Not Opening – 2024

Fix Logitech G Hub Software Not loading, Not Working, Or Opening issues On Windows.

Logitech G Hub software controls and customizes the device settings (like DPI, polling rate, macros, etc.), lighting (RGB & Non-RGB), and various other features of modern Logitech peripherals installed on Windows & Mac PCs. A single portal optimizes all your compatible Logitech G gear like KeyboardsHeadsets, Webcams, Speakers, and mice.

However, many users report that Logitech G Hub is stuck on the loading screen or not opening at all. Whenever a user tries to open Logitech GHUB software, it gets stuck on startup spinning G logo loading animation screen. On the other hand, the Logitech G Hub not opening is a similar problem that prevents it from launching completely.

Logitech G HUB stuck on Infinite Loading
Logitech G Hub stuck on infinite loading screen

Unlike the older Logitech Gaming software, its replacement Logitech G Hub doesn’t work too well. It has established its reputation as a troublesome app. The problems mentioned above (Like G Hub not loading or G Hub not opening) can occur after simple tasks like updating the G Hub software, not granting it admin privileges, or another app running in the background.

Luckily these errors are not hard to fix at all and the reasons/fixes for all these problems are almost identical.

Why is Logitech G HUB not opening or Stuck on Infinite loading?

The quick solution to fix the issue is to restart the app, which in some cases works. If not, then we dig deeper to find the causes of Logitech G Hub’s infinite loading or not opening at all after an update.

Like any other tool, the G hub software is dependent on certain services that run in the background to perform different functions for it.

  • lghub_updater.exe
  • lghub_agent.exe
  • lghub.exe

G Hub software waits for those services to run and if these services do not get administrator privileges then G Hub will not open properly on Windows 10. 

Mainly, if the lghub_updater.exe service is disabled due to any reason, then, G-Hub won’t load. Furthermore, the G hub may also fail to detect Headset, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.

How To Fix Logitech G HUB Not Loading Problem

1. Restart Logitech G HUB Services

If restarting Logitech G Hub has not worked for you, then follow the steps below to fix the not opening error. Additionally, we have also provided a way to make this fix permanent if it works for you, as repeating it every time can be a hassle.

Step 1: Close the G Hub app from Windows and also press Right-Click to Quit from the task tray.

Quite G HUB software

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Task Manager and end any process related to LGHUB. The three processes you must shut down are:

  • lghub_updater.exe
  • lghub_agent.exe
  • lghub.exe
Ending all three processes of LGHUB

Step 3: You can find LGHub Agent, LGHub Updater, and other processes. End everything with LGHub in it.

Step 4: Go to the install location of G Hub “Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > LGHUB” and you will find the three processes you closed earlier.

Step 5: Run these executables in the exact order as admin: first lghub_updater.exe, second lghub_agent.exe, and finally the third lghub.exe

Using Task Scheduler to Automate This Fix

If this solution has worked for you in fixing Logitech G Hub’s not opening issue, then either you will have to repeat it every time you launch your PC or you can use Task Scheduler to automate this process. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Open Task Scheduler and pick Create Task.

Creating task with Task Schedular to automate  Logitech G Hub processes launch.

Step 2: Give the task a name and description (Optional), and check “Run with highest privileges”. Also, select Windows 10 in the Configure for drop-down list.

Creating task with Task Schedular to automate  Logitech G Hub processes launch pic 1

Step 3: Go to the Triggers tab and in the Begin the task menu either select At log on or At Startup and click OK.

Creating task with Task Schedular to automate  Logitech G Hub processes launch pic 2

Step 4: Now head to the Actions tab, add all three processes as shown below in the exact same order, and click OK.

Creating task with Task Schedular to automate  Logitech G Hub processes launch pic 3

This will not automatically perform this fix every time you log in or start up your PC, depending on what you chose in step 3.

2. Reinstall the Logitech G HUB

The Logitech G HUB not launching issue could be because of faulty installation or updates. The best way to get rid of this is to reinstall LG Hub via the Add or Remove Programs menu.

Step 1: Go to the Add or Remove Programs section via Windows Settings. Now find Logitech G HUB and right-click on it to select Modify.

Logitech G HUB in Add or Remove Programs Menu

Step 2: In the new Logitech G HUB window select Reinstall G HUB and click Reinstall.

Logitech G HUB's reinstall option

3. Enable LGHUB Updater Service on Startup

To fix the LG Hub not launching issue, you have to force the LGHUB updater service to automatically run whenever you start your computer. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Go to the Task Manager, under the Startup tab right-click on LGHUB and click Enable.

Task Manager Enable Freezes Computer - Takes forever to load loop

Step 2: Press the Windows + R key to run the Dialog Box and type in services.msc then press enter.

Services.msc - G HUb Not Opening

Step 3: Find LGHUB Updater Service then right-click on it and click on Properties.

LGHUB Updater Service Properties

Step 4: Select “Automatic” in the startup type. Click on Apply and then click on OK.

LGHUB Updater Startup type settings

Step 5: Again, Right-Click on LGHUB Updater Service and then click on Start.


Step 6: Right-click on lghub.exe and then click on properties, under the Compatibility tab put a check next to the “Run this program as an administrator” option. Then finally click on Apply and OK.

Setting Logitech G HUB to run as Admin.

Step 7: Repeat the same process for two remaining executable files. (lghub_updater.exe & lghub_agent.exe)

Step 8: Restart the PC to see if the problem has been fixed.

5. Use an Older Version of Logitech G HUB

Sources from Reddit report that switching to an older and more stable version of Logitech G HUB has fixed the infinite loading/loading forever and Logitech G HUB Critical Error problems. Older versions from 2021 are more stable than the latest releases and are free of these problems. Download and install any older version from 2021 and then follow the instructions in the section below.

Disable Logitech G HUB Automatic Updates

Disabling Logitech G HUB’s automatic updates is important because otherwise it will update automatically to the latest version again and G HUB stuck on loading/Logitech G HUB Critical Error problem will return.

Step 1: Open G HUB, and click the Settings (gear icon).

Step 2: In the top-right corner, below the version number, uncheck the “Enable Automatic Updates” option.

Disabling automatic updates for Logitech G HUB

Alternatively, you can download and try out the Logitech Gaming Software. It has fewer features than G HUB but we can guarantee it will work perfectly with your devices. You can use it until G HUB receives an update that fixes the problems it is plagued by.

6. Close VPN Software Running In the Background

Multiple Reddit users report that VPN apps like Zscaler running in the background also cause the Logitech G HUB’s not opening problem. The reason for this is unknown at the time but the fix is simple and given below.

Step 1: Shut down the VPN app.

Step 2: Launch Logitech G HUB (it should launch fine now that the VPN app is shut down)

Step 3: Once G HUB successfully launches you can then restart the VPN if you want to, it won’t affect G HUB.

Note: If this fix works for you then note that it will need to be repeated everytime.

Missing Windows Media Feature Pack (N Version Windows 10/11 Only)

N editions of Windows include the same functionality as other editions of Windows, except for media-related technologies that are necessary to run apps like Logitech G HUB. Among those missing media-related technologies is also the Windows Media Feature Pack without which Logitech G HUB won’t open. Here’s how you can download these Windows Median Feature Pack on Windows 10/11.

  • On Windows 10 N: Select the Start button, then select Settings Apps Apps and Features > Optional Features > Add a feature. Find the Media Feature Pack in the list of available optional features.
  • On Windows 11 N: Select the Start button, then select Settings Apps Optional features. Select View Features next to Add an optional feature, and then select the Media Feature Pack in the list of available optional features.

Note: A restart is necessary to complete the installation of the Media Feature Pack.

7. Update Device Drivers

As a last effort, you can try to update/reinstall the drivers through a third-party app like Driver Easy. What this will do is fix any driver-related issues that are causing Logitech G HUB to not open.

Fix Logitech G Hub Not Detecting Headset / Speaker / Mouse

The way to solve this issue is by reinstalling the device driver for the specific Logitech device.

Step 1: Launch Device Manager, under the Keyboard/Mice and other pointing devices/Audio inputs and outputs section (depending upon what type of Logitech device you have), right-click on the Logitech device, and click Uninstall device.

Step 2: Restart the PC (Use the hardware button if the device you uninstalled was a mouse) and plug the device into a different USB port.

Step 3: The new drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically and it should fix the Logitech G HUB not launching issue along with Logitech G Hub not detecting the headset, speaker, mouse, or keyboard problem.

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