River City Girls 2 How to defeat Marian – Boss Fight

River City Girls 2 game has many bosses that Kyoko and Misako will face on their journey to stop Sabu. One of the old characters have returned in River City Girls 2 named “Marian” and she was used to run a store but Yakuza has manipulated her. Kyoko and Misako will encounter her in a boss fight early in the game.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Marian in River City Girls 2.

Marian – Boss Fight Location

Marian Boss Fight will take place in the Subway Tunnel in the Subway Terminal. Subway Terminal is located in Downtown area of River City. Kyoko and Misako will have to make their way to Downtown area by defeating all the goons in different scenes and then make their way to the Subway Terminal to go inside the Subway Tunnel.

Marian has three health bars in total and she will significantly change her move set after her health bars starting to deplete. Although all of the moves of her are pretty basic and you just have to time them right to dodge and find an edge to deal damage to Marian. However, she also has some AOE attacks that you might want to look out for.

How to defeat Marian

Marian will be fully buffed-up for the fight and she has some heavy attacks that can deal a great amount of damage to you. She will launch herself on to you and try to land a heavy attack punch. If you see her pushing towards you, make sure to jump over her or you can use the block action key to block it but jumping over her will give you the advantage of hitting her from behind.

You can land a full combo of light attack mixed with heavy attacks to deal a great amount of damage to her. She will also re-position herself by using her dashes. It will make her move around the arena quickly and she can catch you off guard as well so, try to move yourself as well as she re-positioning herself. She also has a three hit punch combo that ends with an uppercut. It deals a lot of damage so try to block or avoid her punching strikes.

After depleting the first Health Bar of Marian she will do multiple Ground Slams. The Ground Slams do AOE damage so make sure to maintain a distance from her. She will do the Ground Slam on your position so keep moving around to avoid them but at the last Ground Slam, go to the right side or left side of the battle area because some bricks will fall from above due to ground slams. After that she will go up on the platform and fill the arena with Sludge. You need to jump up on the bricks to avoid the Sludge and then she will start throwing explosive barrels on bricks.

You need to jump around on the bricks to avoid the barrels otherwise, you will fall in the sludge and take damage from sludge as well which is pretty deadly. Once she stops throwing barrels, she will clear the sludge and come down to the battle. She will have more Heavy attacks now and she will turn red before landing the heavy attacks. These attacks are also do AOE damage so the block action will not completely block the damage. Avoid them by maintaining the distance and hit them while she is not dashing around.

fighting marian- defeat Marian

The other way to deal damage to her is by calling out the recruits. Call both of the recruits and they will hit them once with their moves to deal damage to her. It will make things much easier for you to deplete her HP quickly. Once you have depleted her second Health Bar, she will re-do the Sludge and Barrel attacks and when she comes down, she will begin to charge you with the Super charged punch in diagonal direction.

The punch cannot be blocked completely so try to move around in the arena to dodge the attack and when she stops, hit her with the full combo and then call out the recruits as well to quickly deplete her last health bar and knock her out.

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