River City Girls 2 How to Defeat Sabu – Final Boss Fight

After Kyoko and Misako manage to get their way to Sanwakai Tower, they will be able to fight their last major battle with Sabu. Sabu is the head of the Yakuza Criminal organization so defeating him will have the chance to free the River City.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Sabu in River City Girls 2.

Sabu – Boss Fight Location

Sanwakai Tower is the criminal base of Yakuza criminal organization and the battle with the leader “Sabu” will take place in the Sanwakai Tower as well. Kyoko and Misako will have to get different emblems by defeating all the other main bosses of the game to enter into the Sanwakai Tower.

Sabu is buffed up with the Serum in his veins so he will have a lot of heavy attacks and AOE attacks that you want to look out. Other than that, you will be able to land your combos on him to defeat him.

How to defeat Sabu

You will be able to deal damage to Sabu at the start but look out for his fist when it shines. It means that he is in his stance and your hits will not deal any damage to him. He will land some strikes, but they can be blocked easily with the block button but look out for his gunshots. Try to avoid them by moving around. He will also be striking Heavy attacks on you and to notice when he is about to do the heavy attacks, he will touch the ground and shine a bit before he dashes towards your position and strike up.

He will glow red when he strikes so, dodge the heavy attack and deal damage to him after his attack. He will be doing the AOE attacks as well by ground slamming the fighting area. It will bring three towers of boxes in the arena, and you can see their position by a red marker on the floor. Stay away from the red mark and stand behind the boxes to dodge the Laser and Fire attack of Sabu.

Once you have depleted his first HP bar, he will go to the nuclear to increase his strength. He will call down the drones and the drones will fire lasers in sessions. Before firing, they will glow blue, so change the position if you are between those drones to dodge the attacks. After drones has gone, try to hit Sabu with Heavy attacks before he unleashes his Heavy Attack combo. He will do the same heavy attack but for three times now.

Make sure to dodge all of them by keep changing your position. After that, you will get the edge to deal him some more damage. During the fight, Sabu’s copy will also come into the fight, but it is easy to kill the copy. You can take it down by hitting it with a couple of heavy attacks. Sabu will also be doing normal Ground Slams and you can dodge it by jumping up in the air. Keep hitting him after dodging his attack to deplete his second bar of HP as well.

defeat sabu

After depleting the second bar, he will go to the nuclear to gain his strength even more and will do the dark magic which will bring you close to him. There will be fire balls rotating around so in order to avoid them, jump in the air when they get close and explode.

Other than that, he will be repeating his Ground Slam Moves, Heavy Attack Moves, and calling out his copy. Make sure to dodge the attacks and hit him with the strikes after dodging an attack to keep dealing damage to him. Once you have depleted his third and final HP Bar, he will be knocked out.

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