How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Chrome Windows 10 [2021]

Adobe Flash is already an obselete multimedia technology in browsers but there is a way to run flash content.

How do I unblock Adobe Flash player? Adobe Flash Player is blocked how to unblock it?

Adobe flash player is required to play flash-based content i.e. graphics and videos. Adobe has already discontinued flash support with it most browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge have also abandoned flash-based content.

However, there exists a way that unblocks the adobe flash player and five your access to such content. Stik with this post as we will explain how you can unblock adobe flash player in chrome and other browsers.

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How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10

Adobe Flash is blocked on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, but Opera still supports the Adobe Flash plugin. So before applying any steps it would be wide to switch over to Opera.

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Chrome

On websites that used flash content chrome used to told its users, “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player“. When users click on it to run flash player a pop-up comes up telling you “Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020.”

You are given Two options Allow or Block. If you click on Allow, Chrome still blocks flash content telling you “Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date.”

At this point, you are once again given Two options Update plugin and Run this time. Clicking any one of two options leads towards Adobe Flash Player Webpage. Here you will see that “End of Life, you can no longer use it.”

Unblock Flash Content Using Plugins

In 2021 the best way to unblock Adobe Flash Player and run Flash content in Chrome browser is to use a browser extension called Ruffle. It’s a third-party flash player emulator. You can’t find it on Chrome Web Store so you need to install it manually.

  • Go to the Ruffle webpage and download the latest release. (Note: Ruffle is still in the development stage so the latest builds are released every day. Try to download the latest build)
  • Save the Ruffle extension file on your PC and extract its contents.
  • Now type chrome://extensions in the browser’s url and press Enter.
  • Enable the Developer mode using its switch from the top-right corner of the window.
  • Click on the Load unpacked button.
  • In the following window select the extension directory. Browse your PC to locate the extracted file then double click on it.
  • Chrome will load Ruffle. You can also see this extension in the list.
  • Enable this extension if it isn’t.

Now again visit the website that using flash content and you will be able to solve the “Can’t unblock adobe flash player” problem.

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Content on Firefox

The firefox latest version also needs to readjust its flash content settings. If the adobe flash player is blocked it will show an icon to intimate you. To unblock the flash player in Firefox, simply click on the icon and select the “Always activate” option. Here’s how:

  • Press on the three vertical dots placed at the top right corner to open menu.
  • Click on Add-ons to open new tab. Select Plug-ins to open the plug-in list
  • Select Always Activate on Flash‘s drop-down menu.

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Edge 2021

Adobe Flash Player is blocked in Microsoft Edge and the latest Edge version doesn’t have the Flash Content Settings options.

So the only way that you can use to unblock flash player is to download an extension called Ruffle.

This is how we unblocked Adobe Flash Player on our web browser and I hope that these tips will also help you.

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