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Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 help and info

What is Ashampoo Uninstaller?

Ashampoo uninstaller is the best tool to get rid of unwanted, useless programs / files from your system giving you a lighter, cleaner and faster PC performance.

How to uninstall with Ashampoo uninstaller?

On the program launch, a list of applications would open up. Select the program you want to uninstall. Click  uninstall. Confirm uninstallation to proceed. It would ask for in-depth cleaning. Select them all and click finish. Your uninstallation would be completed.

Is Ashampoo Uninstaller free?

It is a shareware software. A trial period of about 10 days is given or if you like the software, you can extend the trial period to twenty days. Ashampoo uninstaller is worth US$21, you may buy it, if further want to continue on it.

Is Ashampoo uninstaller a malware?

Ashampoo uninstaller has been tested and is verified to be free of spyware, malware, trojans, adwares, worms and other types of viruses.

How do I uninstall stubborn software's?

Ashampoo uninstaller is itself a tool that wipes out the stubborn tricky software s with just one click.

What is the best uninstaller program for Windows 7?

Of all the uninstaller softwares out there, there are few that ultimately turn out to be the best option to work with. Among them are: IObit uninstaller, Revo uninstaller, Ashampoo uninstaller and Geek uninstaller. This is because their modern and user-interactive interface makes it really easy to navigate through all the features. Particularly the IObit uninstaller has great GUI. Its Force uninstall feature very easily erases the stubborn apps. You can browse or drag and drop a program into it. It will forcibly remove that program permanently. More importantly, its Easy uninstall mode which is the hunter mode removes program shortcuts from desktop screen. IObit supports batch uninstall, creates a system restore point before uninstalling any application. All these features make IObit a great software uninstaller for Windows 7.  Likewise, Revo uninstaller also comes up with some key features that perfectly erases all the junk files along with leftovers. Though its rightly to say that Revo does not has modern looking user-interface. It still performs all the basic tasks that a standard uninstaller should do. Its Hunter mode is really handy to uninstall programs completely. Like IObit, Ashampoo uninstaller also has an extreme modern looking user-interface. Every feature is carefully stacked up which becomes very easy to navigate. Ashampoo uninstaller deletes all the stubborn apps with their leftovers and is a great tool towards optimizing your PC. Apart from these, Geek uninstaller is also a very powerful tool to clean up your system from useless programs. Its interface is slightly better than the Revo because it has an interactive user-interface. Other than these there are other alternatives to these such as Yours uninstaller, Advanced uninstaller pro and wise program uninstaller. These uninstallers have nice and user-friendly interface and they all effectively remove the softwares and their residual files completely. In conclusion IObit, Revo and Ashampoo uninstallers are the best uninstaller programs for Windows 7. All of the mentioned uninstallers are fully compatible with Widows 7.

How to Force uninstall a program?

Ashampoo uninstaller includes a deep clean feature that is designed to remove all these tricky and stubborn apps. The file wiper feature is another way to uninstall any program or any file powerfully. You have to add an element to it and click wipe data. All of the related date would be erased. This is how you can forcefully uninstall a program.

How to completely uninstall programs on windows 10 that won't uninstall?

Since Ashampoo uninstaller supports Windows 10, therefore programs that are not deleted through normal means can be uninstalled by using Ashampoo uninstaller. To completely remove any program, use File wiper feature because it will clean out all the leftovers associated with the program.