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A reliable tool to quickly and effortlessly migrate all your email data between clients
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Jun 14, 2022
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With the use of Aryson Email Migration software, email clients can more easily migrate their email data from one email system or platform to another. It facilitates the transfer of emails, contacts,
calendars, and other associated data between different email service providers or email clients for businesses or people.

Email migration may be necessary for various reasons, such as switching email service providers, upgrading to a new email platform, or consolidating multiple email accounts into a single account. The
the migration process involves extracting data from the source email clients, converting it into a compatible format, and then importing it into the target email clients.

Excellent Features of Aryson Email Migration Software

Source and target email system compatibility

Email migration software supports various email platforms and clients, ensuring compatibility between the source and target systems. Examples include Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Imap Server, and others.

Data extraction and conversion

The software extracts data from the source email system, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and other relevant information. It converts the data into a
format suitable for the target email system, preserving metadata, folder structures, and other attributes.

Mapping and customization

Users can map the source and target mailboxes or folders, specifying which data to migrate and how it should be organized in the new system. This feature enables customization and flexibility during the migration process.

Security and data integrity

Email migration software ensures the security and integrity of the data being transferred. It employs encryption, secure protocols, and other measures to protect sensitive information during transit.

Incremental migration and scheduling

Some tools offer incremental migration, allowing users to perform multiple migration passes to transfer new or updated data. Additionally, scheduling options enable migrations to be performed during non-peak hours or at specified intervals.

Reporting and monitoring

The software provides detailed reports and logs to track the progress of the migration, identify any errors or issues, and ensure a successful transfer of data.

Aryson Email Migration Software Latest Version 22.6 Update

Updated to version 22.6 on Jun 14, 2022.