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Best tool to split PST files into smaller parts based on Size, Date, Sender, and Folders
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Mar 29, 2023
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Aryson PST Splitter tool is a software utility that helps split or divide large Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) files into smaller and more manageable parts. PST files are used by Microsoft
Outlook stores email messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and other Outlook data. When a PST file becomes too large, it can cause performance issues or potential data corruption. PST splitter tools provide a solution to this problem by breaking down the PST file into smaller segments.

Key Features of Aryson PST Splitter Tool

File Splitting Options

The software offers various splitting options based on different criteria such as size, date range, or specific folders. You can choose to split the PST file into specified file sizes (e.g., 2GB each) or split it by a specific date range (e.g., split into yearly or monthly archives).

Selective Splitting

Aryson PST Split Tool allows you to select specific folders or items within the PST file for splitting. This enables you to split only the necessary data, reducing the size of the resulting PST files.

Automatic Detection of PST Files

The Outlook PST Splitter tool can automatically detect and load PST files from a specified location on your computer or network. This simplifies the process of selecting the
PST file for splitting.

Folder Structure Preservation

During the splitting process, the tool ensures that the original folder structure of the PST file is maintained in the resulting smaller PST files. This helps maintain the
organizational hierarchy of your Outlook data.

No Data Loss

This software is designed to split PST files without any data loss. All email messages, contacts, calendar entries, and other Outlook data are preserved and distributed among the resulting PST

Aryson PST Splitter Tool Latest Version 22.1 Update

Updated to version 22.1 on Mar 29, 2023.