Aryson PST Merge Tool 22.10
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Great tool to Merge & Combine or Join multiple PST files into a Single PST File.
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May 09, 2023
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Aryson PST Merge Tool is a software utility that allows you to combine or merge multiple Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) files into a single PST file. PST files are used by Microsoft Outlook
to store email messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and other Outlook data. PST merge tools provide a convenient solution for merging multiple PST files into a unified file, simplifying data management and improving accessibility.

Benefits of Aryson PST Merge Software

Multiple PST File Merging

The Outlook PST Merge tool enables you to combine multiple PST files, regardless of their size or origin. You can merge PST files from different accounts, backup files, or archive
files into a single unified PST file.

Selective Merge

PST Merger Software often offers selective merging options, allowing you to choose specific folders or items from each PST file to be included in the merged output. This gives you control
over the data, you want to merge and exclude any unnecessary items.

Folder Structure Preservation

During the merging process, the tool ensures that the original folder structure of the PST files is preserved in the resulting merged PST file. This helps maintain the organizational hierarchy of your Outlook data.

No Data Loss

PST merge tools are designed to merge PST files without any data loss. All email messages, contacts, calendar entries, and other Outlook data are combined into a single merged PST file.

Duplicate Item Handling

Some PST merge tools offer options to handle duplicate items during the merging process. You can choose to keep only unique items or select specific criteria to determine which
version of a duplicate item should be included in the merged PST file.

Aryson PST Merge Tool Latest Version 22.10 Update

Updated to version 22.10 on May 09, 2023.