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China’s most popular free chat app with more unique features for its users
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Sep 20, 2022
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China’s most popular free chat app with more unique features for its users

WeChat is the most dominant online messaging app with over 1 billion active users across the world. If you thought that WhatsApp, Messenger, or Twitter are the only major social and communication apps.

Then you are wrong, This instant messenger is competing with these giants in many features like Discord.

As of now, you can download WeChat in android, Windows (whether desktop or laptop), iOS, or Linux.

Download WeChat Super App for PC 2022

You can send text messages with stickers, emojis or you can attach files from your computer. You can start a group chats with your friends or share locations. You can call this free phone chat app a super app as it includes many amazing features which its competitors are still lacking.

For instance, you can send or receive money via this free chat app (公众号)or hire a taxi like it’s an uber app. You can reserve a seat in a restaurant, movie ticket, or pay anything via this app.

You can start HD-quality video calls and send voice mails faster than other apps. You can also create a group to start a video chat with over 9 friends at a time.

Scan QR code to connect

To run this app on Windows PC, first, you must download and install WeChat on Android. Then download WeChat instant messaging app on Windows PC. Now scan QR code from mobile, once you do this WeChat on Windows will open.

You can sync your mobile texts or chat history with your Windows WeChat. Even if you close this app it adds up in the system tray and will notify you each time you receive any message.

Simple and Easy to use

The visual interface is very straightforward. Click on the Chat button and see active conversation or click on the contact button and start a new conversation. If you can’t find the one whom you are interested you chat with, just search him/her by clicking on the + button.

Any multimedia file which you received is saved in it. You can later easily access these files under the favorite tab. You can create notes attach files to it and send them to anyone.

With this free phone chat app, you can also create a backup or restore it. You can also manage which type of files you want to restore or create a backup. Click on the More option at the bottom left corner and then click on “backup and restore.”

The We Chat settings section is also very simple you can change its language. Choose either Chinese or English. As already explained, China has solely developed WeChat messaging app. You can have a free online call from PC to mobile with this app. That’s why it’s in their language. They only added English when they felt that webwechat is getting more popular across the world.

You can change the shortcut key of taking screenshots, sending messages, or open WeChat. Lastly, you can check the latest WeChat updates, click on the about button in settings and check if there is a new update.

A complete package

This free online calling app is the only option if you are living or decided to visit China. No other online chat app works in China. The Tencent developer has worked so hard to strengthen its privacy and firewall features.

Furthermore, the extra features which strengthen this app also only work in China. Apart from that, WeChat is the best alternate to WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger. It is a free safe and fast communication and social app.

How to Delete WeChat Account?

You can easily delete a WeChat account but once deleted, a WeChat account/profile will no longer exist.

To delete your WeChat account, follow our easy 5-step guide below.

  • Log in to WeChat.
  • Select Me and then select Settings.
  • Navigate to Account.
  • Select Delete Account and then tap Next.
  • Follow WeChat’s instructions and enter your password to delete your account.

WeChat Latest Version 3.7.6 Update

Bug fixes and improvements.