YBA Script (Your Bizarre Adventure)
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Auto Farm Items, Stands, Mobs, Items & Players ESP, etc. 100% working in 2023
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Nuke Vs City
August 2023
Roblox (Microsoft Store Edition) + Executor
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Auto Farm Items, Stands, Mobs, Items & Players ESP, etc. 100% working in 2023

YBA Script lets you cheat in the popular Your Bizarre Adventure Roblox game/experience. These cheats allow you to auto farm things like stand farm, item farm, mob (NPCs) auto farm, invisibility hack, speed hack, increase jump power, flying, item ESP hack (name and location of all items in the map are shown instantly), teleporting, player ESP hack (like item ESP hack but for players), show player health bar, etc.

Plenty of YBA Scripts are available and each one of them has different cheats built-in, so we have listed some of the most recent and powerful YBA Pastebin scripts in 2023. Patched YBA scripts from 2022 aren’t available on this page. A few of these scripts also support the Arceus X V3 Roblox Executor for Android devices. A good Roblox executor like Synapse X, Krnl, Fluxus, JJSploit, Acreus X V3, etc. is needed to run these scripts.

YBA Scripts for Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure

YBA Pastebin Scripts that are working in September 2023 are given below, experiment with each of them to see which suits you best.

Note: Some of the scripts given below may require a key, this will redirect you to a website where you can gain one by watching a few ads or doing some short tasks that are assigned to you.

1. YBA NukeHub Script by Nuke Vs City

This is a famous all-in-one script that includes over 280 scripts for 90 games including scripts for Your Bizarre Adventure. It also does not require a key and gets constantly updated with new scripts created by Nuke Vs City.

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NukeVsCity/TheALLHACKLoader/main/NukeLoader", true))()

2. YBA Nuke Vs City Script

This is the standalone version of Nuke Vs City’s YBA script. It contains options like auto farming, teleporting, player and item ESP, stands, etc.


3. YBA Script – Duplicating Stands, Items, & Cosmetics

As you can guess from the title, this YBA Script mostly focuses on free duplication of stands, items, cosmetics, etc.


4. YBA Script – Auto Attacking & Auto Quest Completion

This Roblox YBA Script allows you to automatically attack any target, auto complete quests, and much more.


5. YBA Script – NPC Farming, Flying, & Auto Farming Items

YBA Script for farming NPCs, flying, auto farming items, auto selling, etc.


6. YBA Script – Lucky Arrow Farming & Server Hopping

This YBA Script allows you to hop instantly from one server to another with lower players, farm Lucky arrows, etc.

local Loader = loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Hooverfarm/17ab9f31205b05473b8c124cd6e6c5f3/raw/65319960df05aa5b11bfa8730134fe8dad984b71/Floppafarm", true))()

7. YBA Script – Auto Farm Everything (Synapse X Only)

This YBA Script can perform nearly all the functions of other YBA Script GUI but it is designed specifically for Synapse X Roblox executor only.

getgenv().Settings = {
["items"] = {"Lucky Arrow","Mysterious Arrow","Rokakaka"},
["DiscordId"] = 1234567890,
["customWebhook"] = "",
["PerformanceMode"] = false -- // disables 3d rendering.
repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded() and game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui
loadstring(syn.request({Url = "https://gist.githubusercontent.com/crcket/2496ba1f68f6bd6968e12282c8f6bb52/raw"}).Body)()

How to Execute YBA Script in Roblox

Here are a few short instructions on how to use YBA Scripts in Your Bizarre Adventure Roblox game.

Note: Please keep in mind we will not be responsible for any problems or bans you face for using these scripts. For your account’s safety use a dummy or alternate account.

Step 1: Start Roblox and launch the Your Bizarre Adventure experience/game.

Step 2: After launching Your Bizarre Adventure, wait 10 seconds then start up your preferred Roblox executor.

Step 3: Copy and Paste any of the YBA Pastebin Scripts into the Roblox Executor’s script editor window, click Inject, and then click Execute.

Step 4: A new window should pop up of the script you ran in which you can enable/disable all the cheat options available.