How To Add a Sound Equalizer For Windows 10

When you are a Movie Lover or a Gamer, default sound won’t make you happy as it doesn’t always deliver the quality you demand.

This is where you need a Windows 10 Equalizer. Stick to this guide to learn how to add an equalizer for Windows 10, and how to use the default Windows 10 Equalizer too.

Add Windows 10 Equalizer
Windows 10 Equalizer

1. Update Windows 10 Drivers

Firstly, you need to update the drivers with driver easy to get the latest drivers as this will make sure drivers are compatible with Windows 10. Follow these steps to update Windows 10 driver:

  • Right click on the sound icon, and Click on Sounds
    Windows 10 Equalizer - sound settings
  • In the ‘Play Back‘ Tab, Right click on the speaker and go to Properties
    Windows 10 Equalizer - Speaker settings
  • Go to Properties, and click Go to Change Settings
  • Under the drivers > Click ‘Update Driver
    Add a Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

2. Choose and Add a Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

Once the drivers are updated, we have selected 2 equalizers for you. Here’s a brief introduction of each driver, followed by installation of Windows 10 Equalizer.

  • Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is one of the most popular and recommended Sound Equalizers. The interface is easy and more detailed than any other Windows 10 Equalizer. It’s compatible with Windows 10.

Technically advanced features are low CPU usage that doesn’t cause it to heat up.  It’s Convenient and Powerful with features like a graphical interface and low latency.

Default Sound Equalizer forWindows 10
  • The default Windows 10 sound equalizer offers some great functionalities as well that you must check. How to find the default Equalizer on Windows 10? Check out all the tabs in the Settings. You can reach there by:
    • Right click on the sound icon, and Click Sounds
    • In the ‘Play Back’ Tab, Right click on the speaker and go to Properties.
    • You will see different tabs, change the equalizer according to your needs.

3. How to Add a Windows 10 Sound Equalizer

Adding a Windows 10 Equalizer is a simple task you need to first download the Sound Equalizer.

Download APO from Here and Download Realtek Sound Equalizer from here. Launch the application and follow the steps, add the devices you will be using and the room settings upon asking to Add a Windows 10 Sound Equalizer.

Which Windows 10 Sound Equalizer did you go for? Do let us know in the comments section!

Don’t forget to ask questions or any further advice you require on how to add Windows 10 Equalizer.

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