How to Defeat Minerva in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Guide

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion has all the legendary bosses from the original game and players will get to defeat them again in a remaster version. One of the main bosses that players will get to defeat is Minerva.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Minerva in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Location of Minerva Crisis Core

Minerva is a Level 100 Super Boss with 10,000,000 HP and if the player is playing on Hard Difficulty, then it will have 20,000,000 HP. Players will be able to challenge her when they have completed the main story of the game and unlocked all the chapters. They will battle Minerva in Chapter 9: Great Cavern of Wonders. You will have to unlock all the parts of chapter by completing them and you will unlock a Mission 9-6-6 (The Reigning Deity).

Recommended Stats

Crisis Core Minerva judgement arrow

The recommended stats for this fight to be have a max HP of 99,999 along with the max Stamina and Spirit which is capped on 255.

Recommended Equipment

The attacking powers/ Materia that you’ll be needing for this fight are the following:

  • Costly punch
  • Curaga
  • Mug
How to Defeat Minerva in Final Fantasy 7

The Accessories that you’ll be needing for this fight are the following:


The items that you’ll want to have along with you are the following:

  • Phoenix Down
  • Elixir

Defeating Minerva

The Equipment that you have in the fight will help you survive the Attacks of Minerva as well as it will give you all the Buffs to do Critical Damage along with the HP buff. As the battle starts, the first thing that you want to do is to use the Mug to steal 99x Phoenix Down. Phoenix Down has the ability to automatically revives Zack with full HP when he gets incapacitated.

Crisis Core Minerva has a move called Judgement Arrow which cannot be avoided by any kind of barrier. So, if you don’t have the Mug to steal the Phoenix Down then you will most likely to die in a single hit. Make sure to use the Mug to steal the Phoenix Down for the fight and then you will have to use the ability named “Costly Punch”

Costly Punch will deal Critical Damage of 99,999 to Minerva due to accessories of Genji Gloves and Ziedrich. Genji Gloves increases 100% Critical rate for Physical Attacks and Ziedrich will half all incoming elemental damage.
So, you will not take full damage from Minerva but you will deal 100% more damage to her. Costly Punch will also use a portion of Zack’s HP so this is where Elixir will come handy. You will have to use Elixir whenever Zack’s HP gets down from 50%. It will heal all status ailments along with HP, MP, and AP.

Crisis Core Minerva Beat

If you get hit by Minerva multiple times then make sure to use Curaga along with Elixir because Curaga restores large amount of Zack’s HP.

Other than that, the fight is very simple. You just have to spam Costly Punch on her to deal maximum critical damage and it will take several minutes until all of her HP is Depleted.


Once you have defeated Minerva, you will be rewarded with powerful Divine Slayer Accessory.

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