How to Get Max HP Stats in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will allow players to max out Zack’s attributes by getting all the buffed-up equipment but in order to get that, players will have to use the Materia Fusion as well as max level some Materia Items as well. One of the major stats of Zack is HP which will indicate how much damage can Zack take from enemies.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to get max HP Stats in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Max HP Stat Cap

HP is the health of Zack and it will gradually increase as Zack will equip higher tier Accessory that gives exponential boost to VIT Stat. The HP stat has a cap on 99,999 and Zack will be able take this amount of damage from the enemies when his VIT is maxed out. All the stats of Zack have a max stat cap which is 255 and it is same for VIT stat as well. But in order to get the max VIT stat, players will have to fuse powerful Materia Items with their other leveled up Materia Items. Leveling up Materia items to Master Rank will take hours of combat in the game and players will not might increase the stat to max and defeat the game with the current stat. But the hardcore players of Final Fantasy will might consider it to test the true defending strength of Zack.

Requirement for Max HP Stats

It might sound very difficult to do but in reality, it is not very difficult as it can be done in early level as well but it will require number of items along with SP. SP is consumed when you fuse Materia items in Materia Fusion so you do want to have enough SP to fuse high level Materia items.

Obviously, if you have an end-game equipment then you will be able to increase HP stat more quickly and efficiently but you can also increase the HP stat in the mid-game as well. For the end-Game you will be going to fuse a Materia item called “Curaga” but in the mid-game, you can actually get the same type of buff by fusing a Materia Item called “Darkness”. Darkness will give you the percentage in increased HP which will increase your HP in total.

MAX HP Stats - Materia Fusion

The items required to get the Darkness is first you fuse a Materia item called “Blast Wave” which will help you kill the required enemies easily from which we need the items to fuse Darkness. The Blast Wave is fused with Graviga combined with Assault Twister so, when you have these Materia, make sure to combine them to fuse Blast Wave. Other than that, you need to have Mog’s Amulet which will let the enemy drop rare items. You also want to have Brigand’s Gloves to steal the item or if you have the Mug Materia then it will work as well to steal the items.

Getting HP to Max Stats

Once you have all the required items, you need to go into the mission 6-3-4 (Item in the Caverns) and you need to hunt for the enemies called “Demon”. Demon will spawn as you make your way ahead on the path so you can just run along the edges of the path to get to the battle. There will be three demons spawning in the battle and each demon will drop a single Darkness Materia Item if you have equipped the Mog’s Amulet. So, kill the demons with Blast Wave Magic and just repeat the process. Just keep fleeing other battles until you get demons and farm the Darkness Materia Item.

Once you have 100 Darkness collected, go to the main menu and select the Materia Fusion mechanic. You need to fuse Darkness by combining two Darkness Materia Items. So, place Darkness in the first slot and then place Darkness in the second slot and it will give you the Darkness with more HP buff. Now, you need to fuse more Darkness. Select the Darkness you have just fused which has more HP buff and combine it with other Darkness to get even more buffed-up Darkness.

Darkness - crisis core reunion max stats

So basically, what you will be doing here is that you are going to repeating this process with the fused Darkness to combine with other Darkness to get the Darkness that has HP +999. Once you have fused that Darkness, you just need to equip it in your Materia and your character will get to max which is 99,999 HP, making you an unkillable warrior.

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