How to Get Banora Treasures Trophy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion also has a trophy system that will allow players to earn the achievements by completing their requirements. There are various achievements and one of the early achievements that can players unlock is Banora Treasures.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Banora’s Treasures Trophy in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Where to Get Banora Treasures Trophy

The Banora Treasures Trophy is only achievable at a certain point of the game. Players will have to reach the Chapter 2 where they will be able to collect it by completing the requirement of the Trophy. In the Chapter 2, player will be in the Banora Village in Angeal’s House. Players will have to go to the Factory to meet Tseng but before they go to him, they will have to examine some items which are necessity to get the Trophy.

Requirement of Banora Treasures Trophy

The requirement of Banora Treasures Trophy is to examine the Golden Items in Banora Village. These items are like shining gold items laying in the village. The requirement is to examine them before you get to Tseng as well as after you have done meeting with Tseng. The locations of these items are very simple, and you can find them easily by going through the following steps.

Shining gold item
  • As you step outside of Angeal’s House, you will see a shining gold item on the side of the house in front of you. You just need to go near the item to examine it.
  • The next shining golden item is on the left side of Angeal’s House near the barrels and boxes. Go near it to examine it.
  • The next shining golden item is near the well outside of Angeal’s House. Go near it to examine it.
  • Now, for the next golden item, you need to follow through the path that leads to the Factory. Be ready for the battle because you will have to fight the enemies to go on the path. When you reach the intersection on the path, you will see the golden item shining on the ground near the boxes and the barrel. Go near it to examine it.
  • Now, from the last location, go on the path that is going up and you will come up on a rock. The next shining golden item will be on the side of the rock. Go near it to examine it.

Now this was only the first step of the Banora Treasures Trophy. You will have to go to Tseng and meet him outside the Factory. Go through the same path where you found the last golden item and you will meet Tseng ahead on the path. After that, you will have to head back to Angeal’s House but there will be a Time Stamp and you need to check all the Golden Items again and get back to Angeal’s House before the time runs out.


The Time to check the items and get back to Angeal’s House will be 45 Seconds so you will have to hurry and check all 5 Golden Items along the way. First check the two items on the path to Angeal’s House and when you reach the village, check the rest of the items. Then in the remaining time get back to Angeal’s House. If you have completed all the requirements in the given time then you will be granted with Banora Treasures Trophy along with other rewards.

Rewards for Completing Banora Treasures Trophy

Once you have successfully completed the requirement of Banora Treasures Trophy, you will get the following rewards upon reaching Angeal’s House.

  • 1,000 Gil + 500 Gil (Perfect Bonus)
  • 1x Ether
  • 1x Soma
  • 1x X-Potion
  • 1x Elixir
  • 1x Phoenix Down

You will get all of these items along with Banora Treasures Trophy for achieving it. If players have missed this achievement, then they can replay this mission to obtain it at any time.

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